3 Places to Find Wedding Decor and Items

If you read my other blog or my spotty, not so weekly updates, you know that I got married back in July and am gearing up to go on my honeymoon just now.

I was planning my wedding all the way from September, 2013. I remember a time when I felt that I couldn’t do any of the fun planning because the wedding was too far away.

where to get stuff for wedding

Little did I know that there is no FUN in wedding planning, in the slightest.

Planning out decor and activities seems like a light hearted, fun activity, until you start seeing the price tags on supplies that you need.

Case in point: Renting tablecloths from a local rental place cost $10.00 per tablecloth. You can find them, as I did, through various vendors for $8/tablecloth.

The better deal, apparently, is to buy the table cloths because you can then sell them after. But even so, the initial cost of buying 20 table cloths at $8/piece (and then thinking about all the other things just in the linens category that you have to shell out for) is enough to make a bride and groom shudder.

I saved a lot on our wedding by finding various things through different channels. Here’s what I mean:

Facebook Wedding Groups

I was not a very active user on Facebook when I got engaged, but since then, I’ve spent more and more time on Facebook, all for the wedding buy/sell/swap groups.

There are a few of which I am a member, and they are a goldmine for good advice and discounted decor items. For instance, I got some great decor for my popcorn bar on a Facebook group.

Now, be aware that many of the brides on those groups are shady. I once saw somebody post 50 brown paper bags for $10, then saw the exact same bags at the dollar store for $1. So do your research! Don’t fall into the trap.

This is also a great place to sell the things that you don’t need when your wedding is over and done with, although with a lot of headaches and annoyance as people fail to pick things up.


I’m a huge fan of Craigslist and have been for years. It has helped me save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on household items, electronics, and various other things, including wedding stuff.

I bought all of the flatware and dishes that we needed for the wedding on Craigslist. A dinner theater was closing down in the area so was selling everything for around $300 – including plates, bowls, flatware, glasses, wine glasses, ice buckets, and so much more.

Renting these things would have cost far more than $300, and we got to sell them after, too.

The Dollar Store

It’s funny how few people clue in when wedding planning that the dollar store is a great place to buy a lot of the stuff they need for a wedding. 

I bought ice buckets, vases, and even electric tea lights at the dollar store. Then, I’d log onto that Facebook group and people would be selling those things for $5 instead of the $1 that they bought it for.

Not everything from the Dollar Store is plastic, and I got some really good deals on a lot of stuff.

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3 thoughts on “3 Places to Find Wedding Decor and Items

  1. It amazes me to this day how much awesome stuff you can get from the dollar store.–especially for special events. I love to get gift bags from there since they can be like triple the price in a regular store.

  2. Facebook groups are a good idea. I think I’ll check them out when my wife and I have our vow renewal for our 10 year anniversary next year. I love FB swap shops, because they are so easy to buy from and you can look for shops that only have people in your direct area.

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