Top 5 Personal Finance Podcasts

Podcasts can be an amazing way to gain new insights. Here are the best of the best for personal finance!

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a well-seasoned professional, personal finance can be a bit tricky to master. Luckily, the market is flooded with educational resources around how to take control of your finances.

Podcasts are one of the best modern tools for mastering personal finance. You can listen to them while you’re driving to work, cooking, or working around the house, helping you maximize both your time and energy. 

To help cut through the trouble of finding the best podcasts for your needs, we have reviewed the top options and classified them by topic. 

Read on to find your next personal finance podcast!

Best for Easy Listening: Brown Ambition

If you are looking for a podcast that is both informative and easy-going, then Brown Ambition is for you. This podcast beautifully merges practical advice that is fun and easy, making it a favorite among many. Hosted by Tiffany Aliche and Mandi Woodruff, Brown Ambition gives practical advice that may get a couple of laughs, too.

Released weekly, the episodes are designed to dive into a specific topic related to finance, money, or career. Interviews with retired couples, mortgage, and balance between work and personal life are just a few topics they have touched on. The episodes are even complete with listener questions, ensuring that the content is relevant to the average person.

You can listen to Brown Ambition on their website and most podcast sites, such as SoundCloud, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, and more. Find out more about Brown Ambition and send questions through their website.

Best for Recent and Current Graduates: The College Investor

Most college students spend their time mastering courses related to their major, yet many colleges and classes do not teach the staple. Recent and current graduates are expected to start adding to society but are left in the dust when it comes to organizing their finances. 

The College Investor makes finances easier for the current or recent grad by talking about crucial topics like credit, bills, and more.

Founded by Robert Farrington, The College Investor is a daily audio show that relates entirely to millennial money. 

That’s not to say that older listeners won’t benefit from the podcasts. Anyone looking to get rid of student loans, make extra money, and live a frugal life will find this podcast appealing.

Best for Gaining Financial Independence: BiggerPockets Money

As you start to have kids, you’ll quickly realize how important financial independence is, and retirement will only seem more and more like a faraway dream. BiggerPockets Money wants to help people gain more financial independence so they can retire early.  

This podcast gives tangible advice that is easy to listen to and easy to apply to your everyday life.

Hosted by Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench, BiggerPockets Money interviews a variety of people who will help you figure out what financial independence means for you, how to prepare for retirement, and the keys to financial freedom. Teaching your children about money, financial independence, and retiring early are a few topics they talk about.

Best for Getting Out of Debt: The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey has made a name for himself in the personal finance market, making himself a household name for many families. Much like his books, The Dave Ramsey Show offers great advice for personal finance and getting out of debt.

The Dave Ramsey Show touches on a lot of content, but he is most known for his talks on getting out of debt. You can find specific podcast topics by using the topic finder on the website. Expect to hear from Ramsey himself, as well as a variety of other experts in personal finance.

Best for Seasoned Investors: The Disciplined Investor

Even if you are well-seasoned in personal finance and investments, there are still podcasts for you. The Disciplined Investor helps you learn how to master the unpredictability of the stock market better. Designed specifically for the experienced listener, expect high-level discussions.

The Disciplined Investor is hosted by Andrew Horowitz weekly. He talks about several higher-level investment topics, such as predicting the end of a recession, current trading trends, and more. If you want a stronger portfolio, The Disciplined Investor is for you.

Listen to The Disciplined Investor on Apple Podcasts.


There is a podcast for just about anyone. Gain control of your wealth and master personal finance with the help of the podcasts above. Not only are the podcasts informative but they are easy enough to listen to while driving or doing chores!

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