How to Focus on Your Finances and Up Your Money Game

I get it.

Trying to focus on your finances can be about as enjoyable as watching Simon Cowell. But no matter how much you avoid your cash flow situation, those bills aren’t going to stop piling up at your door.

Almost everyone has felt the burden of poor financial planning in their lives. And the people who have come out on top have battled the problem head on. They’ve taken the bull by its monetary horns and locked eyes with it until they’ve found a solution.

Naturally, the answer usually seems idiotically obvious. Thankfully for you, we’ve come up with just a few that could pull you out of that debt-shaped hole.

Take a look and see what we’d recommend.

You’ve got (cheap) mail

By the time you’ve hit your twenties, you’ll have at least a few friends who have flown the nest to live in some far flung, exotic location. And all you want to do is send them keep sakes from back home.

But to send parcel overseas seems pretty pricey when you’re finances are poor – unless you choose the right service.

As national mail companies become privatized, smaller delivery companies have grown more competitive. They’ve got the chance to knock the king from the throne, so they’ve upped their game.

The finest services feature options like first class delivery, real time tracking and other VIP options. And thanks to various price comparison sites, you can find the best – all just by shopping around.

Advice into profit

Good advice is more valuable than gold dust. And the more of it you accumulate, the more profits you’ll find.

Even if you’re not searching for a loan or new bank card, sit down with your bank manager and pick their brains for a while. You never know what you might find.

Turn junk to gold

EBay, the giant car boot sale of the world, seems like a site that’s always existed. But before 1996, it took far more effort to hawk your unwanted goods.

Now, however, all you need is a small ad, a bidding war and enough interested parties to propel your product into profit.

First off, gather together any items you feel might be profitable and that you’ve got little interest in keeping. Then take photos of them looking as presentable as possible. An ace image will ensure you find an audience and maximize your profits.

Some people even buy items in the hope they’ll turn a profit on the site. So why not give it a go?

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