5 Easy but Foolproof Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Quick Sale

Even though my husband and I are years away from moving, I find myself playing around with local real estate websites all the time. I need to stop since it’s a total time-waster in more than one way. One thing I have learned from both playing on these websites and going through the process myself of buying a home (and partaking in the whole house-hunting process) is that I am amazed at how many people don’t bother to make their home appeal to the buyer or do anything to get their home ready for selling it.

I honestly think some people go out of their way to make their home as unappealing as possible, as if they don’t actually want to see their house which is sort of insane.

tips to sell your home

Through my diligent house hunting process and internet stalking browsing, I have noticed a few common trends among the homes that are unappealing to me. If you plan on selling a home, please remember these basics:


I seriously cannot stress this enough. There is nothing more revolting than walking through a home and have it be dirty. I would rather trip over crap everywhere than feel grime literally sticking to the bottom of my feet. If you can’t clean or don’t know how to do it well, pay someone. You’re trying to sell your home after all. Prospective home buyers notice everything. Clean every tiny nook and cranny because someone will notice.

Curb Appeal

This doesn’t have to be major bucks but people do want to be proud of the house they plan on turning into a home. Mow the lawn, clean the yard in general keep everything neat and tidy. If you can afford to do a little sprucing up, great, but at the very least maintain tidiness.

Get Rid of Your Crap

While I personally don’t think it’s necessary to put away every single personal detail, picture or memory when showing your home, I do think you need to scale back the clutter in a major way. If your house is on the market you’ll likely have to pack anyway so start with the nic-naks. People want to envision their stuff in the space, not yours.

If you don’t have much stuff, but it still looks like it’s everywhere, make sure it’s well organized.


Freshen the spaces up. Choose neutral colors and speak to a professional for guidance. It’s 2014 and home buyers have finally figured out there are neutrals beyond beige. Neutralize everything but don’t be super boring.

I have walked through homes and have been left with a positive impression because of the nice paint job. I don’t know many people who actually enjoy painting so buying a home that had it recently done will be a positive.

Don’t Smoke in Your House

I could find my dream home, but if it was a home someone had smoked in there is a 99% chance I wouldn’t buy it. We’re talking about ripping up flooring, hiring professional cleaners, painting every square inch and praying it would be gone. Not worth it.  I will find another house.

The house hunting process is something people put a lot of effort into, you as a seller have the ability to make it easier by following these very simple points.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen when looking for a new home?

10 thoughts on “5 Easy but Foolproof Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Quick Sale

  1. The craziest thing I have seen is a super dirty home. I remember once looking at a home and there was trash every where. It was the dirtiest thing ever, and it made me wonder what the seller was even thinking!

  2. I agree with all of these points! I’m not ready to sell yet, but I do the same thing – watch the market and look at nearby houses for sale for comparison. I am already thinking about what my Ready-To-Sell checklist will be. I’m also amazed at how many crazy-colored, messy, dirty houses I see in the Real Estate listings!

  3. I think the funniest thing I have seen when walking through a home was that all of the pillows and pictures on the wall were of cats. Not necessarily their cats, but like throw pillows on the couch embroidered with cat portraits. Paintings of cats on the walls. It was actually quite hilarious, every room had new cat surprises. It was quite memorable.

    But it was clean, I’m allergic to cats so they must have cleaned well because I didn’t notice them. I’m just assuming they actually had a cat living there, I didn’t see any actual cat stuff like a litter box…

  4. A way back years before, when my parents decided to move to a new house. We had seen different kind of houses and the one that I never forget, the house is pretty to look outside, but when we enter into the house, it was so messy. They even have a dog that poop everywhere!

  5. As a realtor myself, I can tell you that paint is huge. You’re right on the money with neutral colors. If you have even one room that’s a bold or unusual color, invest some time and a few dollars and repaint to a neutral color. That goes for the outside of the home too (and especially). I wrote an article on my site about a Red house, and – well, you get the picture.

    Take extra care with your pets too. Sure you love them, but buyers may not. Make sure they aren’t around when the house is being shown, and be sure to clean carpets and litter boxes – non-pet owners can smell these immediately.

    You also want to be sure that the house doesn’t have any posters or memorabilia that’s of a political nature, as people do get turned off by these. Also – animal heads and other hunting trophies – stow them (remotely) while you’re selling. Not many people will buy a house that has Bambi’s head mounted on the wall.

    I’m sorry if any of these suggestions are offensive, but when you’re trying to sell your home you have to remove as many obstacles as possible. And believe me, buyers will see these as obstacles even if we don’t.

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