Five Ways to Save on Van Insurance

People choose to invest money in to a great new or used van for different reasons; from carrying huge loads of work tools, to setting up a man and van business to simply travelling the country in a home on wheels. There are many similarities when it comes to finding deals and money saving loopholes with car and van insurance.

Here are five great ways to save money on your van insurance

Get the right cover

Getting the right cover is essential when considering buying a van and taking out insurance. You need to have gained a relative understanding of how risky you are perceived to be. Ensure you buy business cover if you’re going to be trading regularly using the van.

Doing repairs? Check to see if you’re allowed to tow other cars. Most important of all though, don’t assume the contents or tools are covered – this is one place people regularly slip up on. Double-check everything before confirming as the cheapest cover may not necessarily be the best.

Pay it off in full

When insuring, it’s easy to fall into the trap of paying off monthly. Paying something off in small chunks may sound great to begin with but those interest rates can really put a squeeze on your bank account further down the line. According to The Guardian, this could cost you 24% in interest. Find a 0% credit, pay it off in full and then make repayments in monthly instalments.

Compare quotes

Price comparison sites show clearly what prices and benefits are included, list the telephone numbers, offer ‘one click’ quotes and state what kind of excess you should expect to pay with sites such as More Than van insurance. Be sure to check ‘not on comparison sites’ options such as Aviva too.


One thing many people don’t know is that the van insurance market is a lot less competitive than with car insurance. This means once they get a customer, they would prefer to retain them. Haggling a little can go a long way.


Offering a service? Put your business number on the van. To an insurer, this shows you care about appearances – after all, a driver with their business on full show is more likely to drive carefully!

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