Best Adoption Loan Lenders Available

If you happen to be looking to adopt a child, you are more than likely already aware of the fact that there are a ton of upfront costs and expenses that come with adopting a child. In order to help out those who wish to adopt a child, there are loans known as adoption loans and grants that are used specifically for this reason. With an adoption loan, people are able to move through the adoption process much quicker, now that they are supplied with the necessary cash to cover the costs and fees.

An adoption loan basically works just like a personal loan, but one of the more attractive aspects about it is that many lenders will offer interest-free financing under certain conditions. There are plenty of options to look to when trying to find the funds for adoption, but adoption loans have proven to be effective and worthy for many.

Adoptions can typically cost around $15,000 – $50,000 throughout the whole process. Ideally, adoption loans will be large enough to cover most of this cost, or at least a large portion of what the adoption parents can not afford. Finding the right adoption loan lender can make a huge difference in the adoption process!

Best Places For Adoption Loans

When looking for the best possible adoption loan lender, it’s important to first look for those who can offer you interest-free financing. If you don’t happen to find any that fit your criteria, move on to those who offer the lowest interest rates. These are some of the best places we’ve found where you can receive an adoption loan from …

Abba Fund

This lender is one that offers interest free financing, especially to Christian couples who are looking to adopt a child. Loans from Abba Fund are to be paid back within a 36-month period, and their adoption loans range from $6,000 – $8,000. This obviously isn’t the largest adoption loan offered, but considering that the financing is interest free, this makes it a good option.


LightStream is a lender that specializes in not only personal loans, but adoption loans as well. They set different APR rates for different loan purposes, and set their APR rates for adoption loans from 5.99% – 17.29%. Loans of $5,000 – $100,00 are offered, and can be paid back within 24 – 84 months, depending on the size of the loan.

National Adoption Foundation

This foundation offers adoption loans through a partnership with Citizens Bank. Seeking couples can apply for a loan ranging from $5,000 – $50,000. APR rates are set from 7.99% – 20.88%. A minimum credit score of 680 is required to apply for an adoption loan from the NAF.


Adopting a child can be a very expensive process, but this process can be made easier with help from an adoption loan. Many lenders offer interest free adoption loans, and many others offer financing with very low interest rates. If you are looking to adopt a child, always take the time to look for the best adoption loan lender available that fits your criteria.

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