Your Teen Is Ready to Learn to Drive – What Are the Costs Involved?

As a parent, you will get to enjoy many milestones in your child’s life. Even as they get older the milestones continue, as there are so many firsts to look forward to. If you’re a parent of a 16-year-old or a soon-to-be 16-year-old then there’s no doubt the conversation of learning to drive has come up. For parents, it can be a scary thought, they still seem like your baby, yet they are ready to get behind the wheel. 

But let’s take the emotional aspect out of this milestone and instead focus on the costs. If your teen is ready to start learning to drive, there are costs involved, so it can help to be prepared.

Will They Be Using Your Car?

The first cost to think about is the car they will use while learning to drive. Will they learn in your car, or do you prefer to get them their car? If they have dreams of owning their car, will they be paying for it, will you or will it be a shared expense?

Driving Lessons Can be Quite Costly

Driving lessons ensure that your teen knows all the rules of the road and arms them with the confidence needed. But for all the good it offers, they can also be quite expensive. The average price of a driving lesson in the UK is £23 per hour, and considering teens typically need 20+ hours of lessons – that can add up fast.

This can be another example where you perhaps share the cost with your teen or maybe the deal is that they need to pay for their lessons.

Young Drivers Insurance Is Another Cost

You want to hope that your teen has learned enough through driving lessons and tests that they will be confident and safe on the road, but unfortunately, the unexpected can happen. Statistics show that 23% of drivers in the age group 17-24 will be involved in an accident during the first two years after they passed their test. Having car insurance means they will have financial protection should an accident occur.

Because the cost of insurance can vary from provider to provider, it can be helpful to use a website like, as it compares young driver insurance from the top UK providers. This saves you time and energy and will allow you to pick the best coverage at the best price.

How About the Price of Fuel?

Finally, there is the price of fuel, which has steadily been increasing over the years. This can be a great learning opportunity for teens so they can see just how expensive it is to operate a vehicle, which may encourage them to look at fuel-efficient cars when they are ready to purchase their own. 

A Life Lesson in Budgeting

Learning to drive is a monumental moment in a teen’s life, as it can spell freedom for them. But at the same time, this is a great life lesson in budgeting.

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