Why You Should Sell Your House by Owner

Selling a home may sound like it should land you a ton of money, but it’s also one of the most expensive things you can do.  From staging to a listing to paying taxes, every step hemorrhages money straight from your wallet.  Many of the costs we automatically connect with selling a home seem to be extra or pointless.

To say it plainly- we as a society have moved past the need for realtors.

Selling a home without someone to walk you through the steps may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!  Here are the top reasons you should sell your home ‘by owner’ instead of a realtor.

Save Money!

This reason is the largest and the one that most people think of when considering this move.  The average realtor takes 3-6% off of your sale price.  That means the average two hundred dollar house sale has a realtor payout of six to twelve thousand dollars.  Although that money may not seem that large when stacked next to two hundred thousand dollars, you could use that money to renovate your new home instead.

Work Directly With Buyers

Nobody knows this home better than you.  You’ve lived in it, cooked in it, wet through life changes in it, and now it’s time to move on.  You know all of this house’s best parts and have come to know its problems.  There’s nobody better suited to sell this house than you.  A realtor may have a general knowledge of buying and selling homes, but you know specifics.  Your keen view of the house could help you close a sale sooner.

Access to Websites and Experts Online

You don’t have to be alone just because you don’t want a realtor!  Instead of grabbing a real estate agent because you don’t know the answers to a couple of questions, use the internet!  You can research local and national law and find professionals online who are offering free advice.  It would help if you didn’t lose big with the cost of selling a house; you could list your home yourself and have it sold within days.

The internet is also handy because it can help you catch if someone is trying to lowball you or take advantage of how new you are.  You’re not the first homeowner to sell their own home, and you won’t be the last!

Experience That Will Help When You Buy A Home

By selling your home, you’ll view the process that you wouldn’t get otherwise.  Between inspections, local ordinances, and tax laws– by the time you’re ready to buy another home, you’ll be prepared!  This knowledge may help you negotiate down a lower price, get a home that would have otherwise been out of your price range, and move in sooner.

Selling your own home can seem scary or daunting, but as long as you study up, ask for help when necessary, and learn on the job- you can turn a profit without giving away a large sum.

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