Why Home Repair & Spring Cleaning Go Hand in Hand

Many people place spring cleaning in the same category as a root canal. Both are unpleasant, albeit necessary things. But homeowners derive several secondary benefits from spring cleaning that saves time and money in the long run. This is particularly true when they combine spring cleaning with routine maintenance and repairs. Taking care of a few simple tasks might not be pleasant, but it provides greater returns over time.

Clean out dryer vents. Clothes dryers account for a majority of house fires. Accumulated lint and debris can cause overheating that can spark a fire.

Install new batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, for safety purposes.

Check window seals. Broken seals can lead to water seepage that can cause mold buildup and other damage.

Change furnace and air conditioner filters. Clogged filters reduce furnace efficiency. Dirty filters can create health hazards in your house.

Inspect plumbing lines and water heaters. Old or dirty water heaters are more prone to leaks and exhaust issues. Plumbing and drainage lines undergo their own stresses during cold weather. Checking these systems regularly during spring cleaning can help homeowners avoid emergency repairs.

Clean debris from yards. Dead branches and other debris can accumulate over long winter months. This material might be a combustion source that can lead to fire damage.

Unclog gutters and downspouts. If gutters are unable to channel water away from a house, that water can be the source of costly problems as it builds up around foundations.

Store winter tools and prepare summer equipment. Run all the fuel out of a snow blower. Check lawn mowers and other gas and electric garden tools for safe operation. Confirm that gasoline is stored in approved containers and in safe locations, away from ignition sources.

Repair broken or chipped concrete. Cracks in sidewalks and foundations can lead to water damage and more cracking.

The Whole House Checkup

Apart from cleaning and repairs, homeowners should take the opportunity each spring to assess their property and casualty insurance policies. It never hurts to verify that they have adequate coverages for all the insurable risks they might face. The internet makes this quick and easy by providing homeowners insurance quotes online. Within a matter of minutes, homeowners can compare insurance premiums from several property and liability carriers.

The homeowner’s main challenge when evaluating quotes is to confirm that each policy refers to an equivalent level of coverage. Spring cleaning and regular repairs can help homeowners reduce risks and manage property and liability insurance premiums.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

Homeowners often handle most routine spring cleaning tasks and repairs by themselves. Tasks beyond their abilities or that expose a homeowner to unnecessary risks (such as climbing ladders to clean out gutters) are best handled by contractors. After all, they have the tools and skills to do the job safely and efficiently. If do-it-yourself project will cost a homeowner more than the homeowner will save, the homeowner should hire a contractor for that project.

Ready your home for the year by tackling spring cleaning today.


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