Ways to Earn Extra Money

While the economy fluctuates, not everyone reaps the benefits when it’s in an upswing. In fact, more than half of the working population still lives paycheck to paycheck. If you are among the many that can’t seem to break free of this cycle, there are a number of ways to reduce your existing expenses and earn extra money.


Old toys, coins, precious metals, and antique furniture are some of the things that many people have either inherited or collected. If you’re short on cash, listing these items on reputable sites or finding a dealer or collector who is willing to buy them may help get you through a difficult financial time.


With most things cookie-cutter these days, there’s a high demand for unique and original items. Online sites such as Etsy and eBay are just two examples of places where selling hand-made crafts can be profitable. If you prefer to mingle with people, flea markets, fairs, and crafts shows are perfect for getting exposure.

Yard Sale

A yard sale is something that can be hit or miss. However, if you have many desirable items such as baby clothing, furniture, artwork, and tools in good condition you can make a couple of hundred dollars in a weekend.

Part-Time Job

Life is full of demands and many people are simply short on time. However, if you are able to work a few additional hours each day you can pick up a part-time job. Many restaurants do deliveries and Uber and Lyft drivers are always in demand. Any one of these can provide you with an additional one or two hundred dollars a week.

Work From Home

If you are unable to leave the house, working part-time online will offer you a way to earn a few extra dollars from the comfort of your home. Tutoring, freelance writing, doing surveys and graphic design are just some of the legitimate jobs available online.

Reel in Your Spending

In some cases, you earn enough money but your poor spending habits prevent you from exiting the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Buying a latte each morning, lunch every afternoon, and ordering take out several times a week for convenience is sapping your extra money. Making a conscious effort to change your habits and get smart with your spending will free up money you can use for more important things.

Stretch Your Budget

While your mortgage or rent may be something you can’t reduce, there are other household bills that you can. Take cable television, for instance. If you think about it, what are you really getting for a few hundred dollars each month? The same goes for your cell phone bill. Both of them are extremely high, but they don’t have to be. Shop around to make certain that you are getting the best deals available. You should also look over these bills to see where you can make cuts without sacrificing your level of comfort.

Bundle Services

For many years people have been saving money by bundling services. Insurance is one example of how you can save 20 percent or more by having a policy for your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance through one company.

Use Coupons

Coupons are not new yet many people still fail to use them. They have excuses like they don’t have the time to find and cut them out. It only takes a short amount of time to print your coupons and that time is well worth it when you save twenty dollars or more each week at the grocery store.

Life isn’t always easy with regard to your finances. There are many unexpected expenses that will continue to come along. However, if you tuck a few dollars away, shop smart, and spend your money wisely, you’ll make it through.

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