5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Someone Who Loves to Read

I was online window shopping when writing the last cheap Valentine’s day gift guide, and kept seeing unique things that I would LOVE to have, as a reader, if my fiance got me these things as gifts. I’ll have to email him this post as a hint-hint when it goes live.

I just had to make a whole new post for a gift guide for a reader, with all of these great products out there.

All of these great and different options are under $65, and I just love them. As somebody who reads upward of 50 books per year, I feel that I know readers quite well, as I am one.

If your wife, fiance, or girlfriend (or even if you want to get a Valentine’s day gift for your mom who loves to read) loves to read, these are all amazing gifts.


Unique valentines day gifts for a reader

Shoes – Dictionary Quotes – Toms.ca. Toms donates a pair of shoes to children in need, every time a customer buys a pair of their shoes. They are not only socially responsible but these dictionary quote shoes are adorable!

Bike Bookends – Bicyclegifthub.com – There are plenty of bookends out there but these bicycle bookends are adorable. I’d love to have those on my bookshelf!

Wrist Worms – Sandrajuto.bigcartel.com. Readers will know what I mean when I say that these would be so useful. In bed, when you are all cuddled up but your wrists have to be out of the covers to hold up your book? Yeah, these are like socks for your wrists.

Blanket – Monnogrammable Throw – Potterybarn.com. I’m one of those people that would rather curl up on a comfy chair with a blanket on a Friday night after work reading, rather than go out. I would love this blanket for that exact purpose!

Kindle Case – Chevron Monogram Kindle Case – Zazzle.com. I personally don’t read books in their paper form, I’m more of a e-reader rat. I love this case, and I think monogrammable is perfect to show thoughtfulness. Zazzle has a lot of cases, for different devices as well.


Does your partner like to read? Do you covet any of these things for Valentine’s day?

7 thoughts on “5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Someone Who Loves to Read

  1. My wife reads about 2 books a week. She received a Kindle about 2-3 years ago and uses the library for her unending supply of books. Interesting take on Valentine’s Day gifts.

  2. We got some picture frame bookends this past christmas. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite heavy enough to hold the books. They wound up falling on the floor and breaking :/

  3. Great ideas for gifts under $65. I’d also add in the fingerless gloves with a mitten overlay – I think this is what I’d want. I just got back from New York and saw lots of people using these to quickly send a text then put the mitten back over their freezing hands. I thought they were a great idea.

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