Tips for first time parents

Become a parent, they said. It’ll be fun. Well, yes. Yes, it is. It’s fun and it’s exciting and it’s life changing. It’s also something you’re going to have to adapt to fast, because your child needs you, and they don’t come with an instruction manual. That’s why we’re going to cover some tips for first time parents, because there are likely many questions to which you don’t know the answer.

For example, you could be wondering something like ‘can a father’s agent orange exposure cause birth defects?Everybody’s situation is different. Ask the relevant questions and do the research based on your circumstance. Let’s cover some of the bases for first time parents that you may not have considered.  

Accept that your life will change and be open to it

Many new parents believe that becoming a parent won’t affect their routine too much. Sure, there’s a new person in the house to love and be mindful of and share your life with, but realistically there won’t be too drastic a change to your day to day life, right? The thing to remember for new parents is that you are entering into a world of unknowns. Everything from how to feed and bathe the baby to bed times and teething and finding out why they’re still crying even though they’ve had their favourite food is going to be draining. Your life as you know it will change in its entirety from the moment you bring your little bundle of joy home from the hospital. Be open to these changes. You are now a parent. It’s scary, but it’s a challenge that brings endless rewards.  

You will probably pick up new habits that go against your parenting ideals (but it’s OK) 

New parents usually enter into parenthood with a set of ideals that they believe will not be broken. This could include things like not bribing your child with food to be quiet, and believing that you will not allow your child to watch too much TV. The fact is that children are messy and noisy and you are going to need a lot of options in your arsenal when it comes to restoring calm and order to your household on a daily basis. Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s OK to entertain your child with age-appropriate TV shows and ice pops etc. when you haven’t got the time to entertain them directly.  

If you don’t already own a tumble dryer, look into buying one ASAP

Children come with an extended wardrobe. And they’re not especially careful about trying not to make a mess – in short, you will likely need to change their outfit more than once per day. This is going to create a laundry nightmare, with little clothes dotted around the house on radiators and over doors and on the backs of chairs as you try to dry everything. That’s why you should look into owning a tumble dryer. This handy bit of kit can easily make light work of your clothes mountain, meaning you can have access to warm dry clothes every day.  

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