Tim Grittani’s Net Worth

tim grittani's net worth

If you’ve doubted whether or not you can make millions from penny stocks, you may want to reconsider. Chicago native Tim Grittani’s net worth exists allegedly thanks to this investment route.

Tim Grittani did not start his wealth as a penny stock guru; it was a trait he pursued through lessons from finance professional Timothy Sykes. His pursuit of wealth began on a rocky road, but his determination pushed him in the right direction. In three years, Tim Grittani’s net worth grew substantially all thanks to a $1,500 investment.

Tim Grittani’s Road to Wealth

According to New York Times best-selling author Neil Patel, Grittani grew up modestly in a middle-class neighborhood in Chicago. At an early age, he began to learn about entrepreneurship but never actually started his own business (due to lack of resources). In an effort to learn more about making money and starting businesses, he enrolled in and attended Marquette University to major in finance.

It was during his time in college that he sought out easy ways to make money. After a short stint in gambling, he turned to the internet to learn more about finance and entrepreneurship. Through this, he discovered a previous article written by Patel about self-made millionaire trader Timothy Sykes and his Millionaire Challenge. This program teaches people how to get rich by trading penny stocks, which are stocks typically under $1.

Grittani signed up for the challenge in 2010, and, as the story goes, turned $1,500 into a substantial amount of money. Although he did borrow $12,000 from his parents for his broker, he was only permitted to trade with his portion of the month (the $1,500) per the borrowing terms. According to Sykes website, he transformed that small investment into one million dollars in just three years through these penny stocks and Sykes’ trading lessons.

Tim Grittani’s Net Worth

As of 2016, Tim Grittani’s net worth is $2.7 million. Following a rocky start, he has been able to accomplish this primarily from full-time penny stock trading. Through his lessons with Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge and learning containment of losses, he knows what to look for despite the fact that penny stocks are so risky. Since his success, he has been repeatedly called one of Sykes’ best students and has been featured on multiple finance segments including Fox Business. You can see the full interview below:

At the age of 24, Grittani became a self-made millionaire through the stock market and continues to grow his wealth today. As an investing millennial, he attributes his success to education and dedication. He now teaches his own strategies to others through online training and DVDs through his website.

Even though he realizes he has put himself in a lucrative situation, he also knows he has to continue to educate himself to continue to improve on hs knowledge of finance as the field evolves throughout the years.

As long as Tim Grittani continues on the path he is on, we have no doubts he will only continue to grow his net worth over time. It will be interesting to see where he is financially in another three years from now.

Penny stock trading is not for everyone, but Grittani made it work for him. What do you think of how he grew his net worth? Would you be willing to do the same? 

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