These 12 facts will change your mind about insurance

If you’re like most people, you think insurance is boring, uneventful and possibly even unfair. While there’s some truth to this, insurance can also be quite funny and downright weird and here are 12 great examples. 

At the end of this post, you may see insurance in a new light. Or at the very least, get a few laughs.

1. America Ferrera insured her smile for 10 million dollars

If you don’t recognize the name, here’s a quick lesson. America Ferrera is an actress and producer. Like most actresses, her face is one of her greatest assets. So understandably, she had Aquafresh, a sponsor, insure her smile — teeth, gums, and lips — for a whopping $10 million. The insurance covered dental treatment costs that may result from injury.

2. People used to get insured against death by laughter

You may have heard of weird kinds of life insurance policies, including those that cover against death by extreme sports. But what about death by extreme laughter? In the early 1900s, when comedy really started to tickle people’s fancy, theatre visitors were terrified of laughing to death. So much so that they took out a life insurance policy against it!

3. The Loch Ness Monster was insured

Well, more like the payment for its capture was insured. In 1971, Cutty Sark offered $2.4 million — $15 million in today’s money — for anyone that could capture the Loch Ness monster. To protect its interests, Cutty Sark also asked an insurance company to underwrite the contest. The company agreed on the condition that it got to keep the monster.

4. Some home insurance policies can keep you from getting certain dog breeds

Dogs are man’s best friend and home companion. But getting protection for your home could prohibit you from keeping your best friend. Some breeds have been associated with medical room emergencies and millions in liability claims. Because of this, insurance companies will only offer your home cover if you keep Akitas, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and other breeds out. You’ll have to pay extra premiums to keep them.

5. Most home insurance offers protection from damage by volcano and meteor strikes

These are two unlikely accidents, and most people won’t experience them in their lifetime. But if your home happens to be damaged by any of these events, your insurance policy probably covers it. It’s funny because most policies don’t cover flood damage and earthquakes. It’s a great idea to read the terms of your policy carefully and see what it covers and what it doesn’t. 

6. Japanese golfers insure their games

Phrased differently, Golfers in Japan take out insurance policies to protect themselves from the financial burden of a hole-in-one. These are so rare that players often have to throw a party for friends when they finally get it. These parties can cost up to $3,000 — a lot if you’re a really good golfer. To soften the blow, they buy policies with yearly premiums as low as $65. 

7. Half of your car insurance premiums go towards administrative expenses

Insurance companies have such large operations that up to 50% of all premiums are used to cover overhead and operating expenses. You want as your premiums to contribute towards your claims if you ever need it. Luckily, you can use moneyexpert ( to find the best possible rates from over 100 car insurance providers.

8. Jackie Chan pays for stuntmen’s medical bills out of pocket

Most people know Jackie Chan because of his entertaining action movies and daredevil stunts. You probably also know that he does most of these stunts without a double. When he does use stuntmen, he hires only the most trained and experienced individuals he can find. He insists on experience and skill because insurance companies refuse to offer cover. When they do, the terms involve so many safety measures that Jackie has described them as “frustrating and taking too much time.” 

9. You can take out a policy against alien abduction

Do aliens exist? Does area 51 contain proof of extraterrestrial life? No one really knows for sure. But that hasn’t stopped people from seeking cover against alien abductions. And it hasn’t stopped insurance companies from offering the cover either! You can also get cover against UFO crashes. These policies have been available since 1987 and, unsurprisingly, no one has ever made a claim. 

10. Steven Spielberg’s health insurance is worth a billion dollars

$1.2 billion, actually. Why is it worth that much? A theory is that his payout is based on the value of his potential income. As you may know, Steven Speilberg is one of Hollywood’s most successful and dynamic directors with movies that have grossed more than $10.1 billion worldwide. If something were to happen to such a national treasure, the payout needs to match his impact. The real heroes are the insurers who agreed to cover him. Although we now know that 50% of those premiums are going towards administrative expenses.

11. Microsoft could not pay insurance for its rolling green hills’ picture

If you own a Windows PC, the chances are that you had the rolling green hills as default wallpaper. It’s an actual picture taken in the Los Carneros American Viticultural Area of California’s Wine Country. The image was so valuable that it had ridiculous shipping insurance. So absurd in fact, that Microsoft decided it was more economical to retrieve the image and deliver it by hand.

12. Starbucks health insurance costs more than the coffee

If you thought a cup of Starbucks coffee was pricey, brace yourself. The company spends more on employee health insurance annually than it does on coffee. This is strange because Starbucks is primarily a coffee brand. However, the brand deserves some recognition for making employee health top priority. If a company is willing to spend that much on its employees’ coverage, they deserve all the patronage they get.

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