The Benefits and Privilege of Being Able to Drive

In today’s fast paced and modern world, we have come to expect many privileges as part of our daily lives. From our smartphones and tablets, to our holidays and cars, these things are synonymous with daily life and often viewed as a right.

While you may have fun taking your car down a country lane or feel disgruntled when you are sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic during the morning rush hour, there are still many people the world over who cannot afford or do not have access to a car.

For example, it was only this year that women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to drive, with the first licenses handed out in June. Furthermore, although many cars can now be adapted, with the likes of Allied Mobility modifying a variety of vehicles, for some, getting behind the wheel remains impossible.

The cost of driving is also a major barrier to some. Fuel prices are higher than they were 20 years ago and household earnings have fallen vs inflation. Many people settle for public transport – for some; learning to drive, owning a car, paying for insurance and paying for fuel are luxury purchases.

That being said, while driving is definitely a privilege, it can also offer a lot of perks. So, without further ado, here are six benefits of being able to drive.

Freedom and Independence

While public transport is great at getting you from A to B, it can be limiting. A car, on the other hand, provides flexibility and freedom, allowing you to jump in and set off. No more waiting at bus stops, no more delayed trains, no more annoying passengers. Keep your car in good condition and you can travel wherever you like.

More Career Opportunities

There are numerous jobs that involve driving, or perhaps the chance to travel, from haulage and delivery roles, to regional managers and consultants who frequently visit different locations. As such, having a driving license can open up a whole host of new career development opportunities.

This is a problem for some who aspire to earn more in order to afford luxuries associated with owning a car but cannot due to their inherent lack of car. This is a cycle from which many Americans struggle to break.

Daily Tasks are Easier

Without a car, if you need to do a large food shop, go to appointments and visit family, this would involve lots of time spent waiting around and hopping between different forms of public transport, all while trying to juggle lots of bags. However, a car allows you to move from place to place with ease, making light work of hectic shopping or organising days.

Fun Leisure Time

In addition to the above, driving can also be a lot of fun and enhance your leisure time. From driving to the airport to start your holiday, to taking a road trip with friends and family, a car can improve your quality of life and allow you to do more interesting things.

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