Simple Ways to Save on Travel

Travel is an important goal for many. Many people talk about travel as some of their best experiences. However, travel can be very expensive. Without planning, travel can be so expensive that you might wish that you hadn’t taken the trip after the bills arrive. This article will discuss some simple ways to save on travel so that you can enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about how much you are paying.

The first way is to use a credit card with airline miles. If traveling is your goal, obtaining a credit card that will give you airline miles every time that you make a purchase is a smart choice. There are some credit cards such as Citi/AAdvantage

Platinum World Select Elite Mastercard that will offer you enough miles for a free trip just by signing up. Some may require you to make a certain amount of purchases within a couple of months, but you will not have to pay anything additional for the flight outside of making your regular purchases.

The second way is to use a furnished housing company. An example of a furnished housing company is Zeus Living. If you use Zeus Living, you will be able to rent fully-furnished apartments on a monthly basis. Zeus is a more stable and secure option than Airbnb and similar services. Zeus Living also guarantees a level of quality compared to Airbnb where you are generally dealing with a different landlord in every city that you visit. 24/7 customer support, curated furniture, and stable WiFi comes standard for every apartment.

Eating in instead of dining out is another way to save money when traveling. By renting an apartment with a kitchen and packing food, you can cook meals for yourself. If you skipped bringing food to save room in your luggage, supermarkets in different cities and countries will have plenty of ready-made meals available for purchase. If you’re staying at a hotel, ordering delivery can be a way to obtain excellent local meals without paying a premium just because you are ordering a meal at a hotel. Bringing some snacks and food from home is a way to save on very expensive food options during airline travel.

Another tip to save on travel is to keep shopping after purchasing an airline flight. The U.S. Transportation Department requires both domestic and foreign airlines to allow you to cancel your airline flight purchase within 24 hours of purchase. You can continue to look for better fares after you have purchased your flight. Many airlines also allow a longer period of time after the purchase of your flight where you can adjust the price of the flight to the current amount. So, if the price of the flight you purchased goes lower, you can obtain a refund between the price you paid and the current amount.

Another tip to save money on travel is to use public transportation while traveling. Renting a car, paying for fuel, and paying for a parking spot are generally quite expensive. Taxis can also be very expensive. Many cities have affordable and efficient public transportation to use. Buses, rail cars, and trains can provide a convenient way to move around a city without paying a lot. There are generally passes for weekly and monthly rates that offer a large discount. Renting a bike can also be a very affordable way to travel in a city inexpensively. Using a bike allows you a very personal way to see a city quickly and inexpensively.

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