Simple Ways to Save on Energy Costs at Home

Ways to Save Energy

There are so many ways to save energy at home. However, not all of them are cost-effective. It is important that you think carefully about why you want to save energy.

For example, if your primary concern is the environment, then money won’t matter so much. Therefore, you might choose to install pricey smart home equipment. The technology provides many ways to save energy. As a result, you might also save money. However, the cost spent greatly offsets the cost saved.

In contrast, if you are primarily concerned about saving money, then you might look at different ways to save energy. For example, you might rely on old-school tricks like turning off the heat and donning a sweater to stay warm.

Ways to Save Energy with Apps and Technology

There is a lot of smart home technology available these days. Many of those options offer ways to save energy. For example, you can link your thermostat to your phone. You can keep the house cold all day in winter to save energy. However, right before you head home, you can use your phone to turn on the heat. Therefore, you still have the comfort of a warm home without the waste of heating it all day.

Of course, some people are perfectly comfortable with walking into a chilly home then turning on the heat once they are there. Furthermore, you have to invest in smart home technology. Plus you have to have a pricey smartphone to go with it. Therefore, the cost can be high. If you prefer minimalism to frugalism and your goal for saving energy is to be eco-friendly, then this can work for you.

On the other hand, some apps and tools don’t cost a lot of money and can still offer ways to save energy. For example, I use OhmConnect. It simply monitors my home energy use, for free. I am able to easily see when I’m using more energy than usual. Moreover, I actually get incentives – tiny amounts of cash – if I beat certain goals for lowering my energy use.

Analog Ways to Save Energy at Home

Of course, people have been looking for ways to save energy at home since long before there was smart tech. In fact, many of the best tips for saving energy are those common sense tips that have been around for ages. Here are some of the easiest tried-and-true ways to save energy – and money – at home:

  • Turn off everything when it’s not in use: lights, appliances, gadgets, etc. Unplug chargers and other energy-sucking devices.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water. Dry them on a line.
  • Likewise, hand wash and air dry your dishes instead of using a dishwasher.
  • Always use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Keep up with home improvements. For example, use sealant around drafty windows. Furthermore, make sure your home insulation is up to date.
  • Clean out the air filters in your home on a regular basis. Efficiency is the goal.
  • Choose only energy-efficient appliances and gadgets for your home.
  • Wrap your water heater, so it doesn’t lose energy.
  • Wear sweaters and socks instead of turning up the heat in winter.
  • Open the window to get a breeze instead of turning on the AC in summer.

In some cases, it’s worth it to get a home energy assessment. Although this costs a bit up front, the fees are minimal. More importantly, it can show you ways that your house is leaking energy. Therefore, you can find all of the ways to save energy in one shot.

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