Saving Money on Candy This Halloween [& a Giveaway]

I’m very excited to bring you 3 chances to win some cold, hard cash. You can enter this giveaway at the Rafflecopter link below.

But first, I want to address how expensive Halloween candy is and how you can go about saving. Halloween is fast approaching, as I’m sure you are aware.

We’ve already addressed how you can save money on costumes, if you are so inclined to wear one. Now we are looking at how you can save money on the sweet stuff: expensive halloween candy.

Buy From Bulk Bins

In reality, Halloween candy in it’s marketed form is expensive. Candy (individually wrapped) from bulk bins stay the same price all year round. Instead of buying the bags of candy that have pumpkins all over the wrappers, buy traditional candy from the bulk bins to save a lot of cash.

Team up

It’s easy to team up with neighbors and friends to save money on Halloween candy. Have a movie night at their house, or invite them over to yours, and give out candy from only one of the houses. That way you save half the money. Bring a bag of candy and they’ll pitch in a bag.

This is my favorite way to save on candy because it also has a social aspect.

Don’t Give Out Handfuls

Yes, kids are so cute in their costumes that it’s very difficult not to dole out massive mits full of halloween candy, but that can really boost the cost and frankly, children don’t need it anyway.

Give out one or two mini bars, or three hard candies. They won’t remember that you gave them a ton of candy anyway.


How do you save money on candy?

If you win this giveaway, you can give out as much candy as you want. And buy the good stuff!

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6 thoughts on “Saving Money on Candy This Halloween [& a Giveaway]

  1. I remember handing out candy for Halloween at our apartment 2 years back. The one time I didn’t go to the door, B decided to let the kids grab for the candy themselves. She was thinking they would each take a handful but their tiny hands wouldn’t get much. Oh how wrong she was, those kids made out like BANDITS. lol

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway, so excited to “meet” new bloggers and maybe even win! I live in a condo where almost no kids trick or treat since our city sets up trick or treating at our local universities. But I remember one year, I left out the bowl of candy for a few mintues and it was empty! That ended my trick or treating fun!

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