My Favorite Christmas Memory & 5 Chances to Win Christmas Giveaway

When I was eight, my parents had just gone through a divorce and it was my mom, my brother and I for the holidays. My dad was never a huge Christmas buff anyway, and his tendency was to forget that the holidays were coming and rely on my mom to make it special for us.

My mom had some time off that year, so she had wrapped all of the gifts and put them under the tree a few days early, much to our delight. We sat by the Christmas tree, shaking the boxes and packages, trying to guess what was in them. My mom looked on from her spot on the couch for a few minutes, before she quietly slipped away.

She came out of our bedrooms a few minutes later with a suitcase for each of us, and had decided on a whim to take us to her home town; the town my aunts, uncles, cousins, and great grandmother still lived in.

It is such a special memory for me because it was the first Christmas that we spent as a threesome, and we spent it with some of the most important people in my young life – my extended maternal family.

(Plus, my mom back then was not much of an adventurer, so to be spontaneous like that was a nice treat).


Without further adieu (and let’s be honest, this is probably more to the point of why you came here), we’re giving away some awesome prizes!

5 Chances to Win:

  • First Prize Two $50.00 Visa Gift Cards ($100!)
  • Second Prize One $50.00 Home Depot Gift Card and One $25.00 Home Depot Gift Card
  • Third Prize One $50.00 Target Gift Card and one $25.00 Target Gift Card
  • Fourth Prize One $50.00 Walmart Gift Card and one $25.00 Target Gift Card
  • Fifth Prize One $50.00 Starbucks Gift Card and one $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card


November 29th to December 13th.This is a blogger sponsored giveaway. Winners will be notified by email, therefore a valid email is required. All entries in the RaffleCopter are optional. Terms and conditions are in the RaffleCopter widget. Open to North America Only (Gift cards cannot be shipped to PO Boxes). All entries will be verified.

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53 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Memory & 5 Chances to Win Christmas Giveaway

  1. Emily Morelli says:

    Depending on the gift card, I would give it away as a gift, use it for Christmas presents ot for improvements to our house.

  2. Leanne Morton says:

    gift card are always handy after the holiday, with 5 kids to buy for we always put ourself on the side burner and normally pretty spent by the end so when we get gift cards so xmas we spend them on ourself as our after xmas treat, I would do the same with these gift cards if we win

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