How to make money with very little effort

If you’re stuck working in a nine to five wondering how other people seem to be getting rich and you seem to be wearing the same coat you bought five years ago, you’re probably ready for some advice on how to make money (with very little effort). These tips have been passed to me by people who have found them to have had a small to medium-sized effect on their finances, freeing up extra cash for things like holidays and home repairs and even saving the money for a deposit on a mortgage (which led to a move, which led to living in a more vibrant area in terms of career opportunities, which led to a new job, and … yeah, you get the picture).

Speaking of friends, I also know of someone who wasn’t claiming welfare when they should have been. There is no shame in claiming what is rightfully yours. Are you claiming everything you should be? For example, find out about disabled veteran benefits by clicking the link. 

Let others benefit from your fashion taste

Fashion is the only type of art that is so divisive we feel the need to change it every year. Back in ‘08 there was a brief but large lean towards silver and gold bikinis. I was lucky enough to go on holiday twice that year (the only time that’s ever happened), and you couldn’t move on the beach for people looking like C3P0 and R2D2. Silver and gold was everywhere. Ever since, it’s been unheard of. If you have a wardrobe full of fashion that you don’t wear, sell it online for a tidy profit. 

People need your trash

I bet I know what you’re thinking. I bet you’re thinking I’m about to suggest selling your expensive earrings and phones and cars as ‘trash’ you don’t need anymore. But no. Trash means trash. Literally. Don’t believe me? Look around eBay. People need all manner of odd things for art projects and set design etc. A box of used wine corks could make you profit, for example. Or toilet roll tubes. Or plastic bottles. You will be amazed what sells.

Rent out your driveway 

When you depart for work in the morning, your driveway sits empty. If you live near a business district or city centre, people will be willing to pay to park on your drive (saving them the hassle of the rush for a seat on the commuter train). See here for an example.

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