How to Live Like a Celebrity Without the Baggage

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to live like your favorite celebrities? If you have, there is no need to be ashamed. After all, it is only natural. We see them on big screens that make them look larger than life. If you have ever met a celebrity in person, you have no doubt experienced the involuntary thrill of quick, shallow breaths and a suddenly racing heartbeat that indicates intense excitement. The feeling is a little like falling in love for the very first time.

Celebrities are a lot like royalty. Everything about them is outsized. Their lives are under a microscope all the time. They are only as good as their last performance. And while the praise is over the top, so is the criticism. Few things can withstand that amount of scrutiny. Their relationships are more strained because of it. There is little wonder so many of them are fleeting.

The good news is that you can enjoy some piece of the celebrity experience without having to have the celebrity paycheck or carry the celebrity baggage. It is just a matter of focusing on a few things that make a big difference. Here are three:

Celebrity Health

Don’t allow yourself to get overly impressed with celebrity health. It seems to mostly focus on that which can only be described as skin deep. There is no evidence they live any longer than you do. And do to unchecked vices, they might live a bit less on the whole.

That said, there are a few health tricks they use that are available to everyone. Among the most effective are custom vitamins. You can get the same personalized vitamins and supplements as they use delivered to your door on a monthly basis at a surprisingly affordable price. With that kind of service and convenience, you will feel like a celebrity from the first delivery.

You can surpass celebrity health by doing a better job of watching what you eat. People with unlimited budgets can literally eat anything they want at any time of the day or night. They don’t have to prepare it themselves or even pick it up. They need only tell someone to bring it to them and it is done. You can do better by preparing your own healthy meals and utilizing healthy meal kit services. You can have the best part of celebrity health without the medical interventions.

Celebrity Home Decor

You don’t have to buy a fully furnished and highly designed McMansion to enjoy celebrity decor. Professional designers and decorators love budget tricks and use them all the time. Good decor is in the eye of the beholder. And you can reproduce a lot of what you see in Better Homes for a lot less than you think.

Home decor is not just a useless indulgence for the already over indulged. Your home is your biggest investment. You will spend the lion’s share of your life behind those walls. For your own sanity, it is important that you enjoy the time you spend inside. During the pandemic, The home has had to serve as castle, office, school, daycare, and church. There is a good chance that some of those functions will remain after the immediate danger has passed. Take this time to add some celebrity decor to your home without the baggage of a 36 car garage.

Celebrity Tech

The thing about Coke is that it is the same drink for the CEO as it is for the person on the street. The same is mostly true for technology as well. You can trick out your newly decorated home with the latest home automation hardware for a fraction of what it cost just 10 years ago. You can have connected cameras and locks and doorbells and alarms that you can install yourself without the need of an electrical engineering license.

Celebrities use the same iPhones that you can get for just a few dollars a month. The computers they use to produce TV shows and movies are the same computers you can purchase from your local Best Buy.

It is easy to imagine how different a celebrity’s life must be from yours. But it is not as different as you might think. For a lot less than you thought possible, you can enjoy celebrity health, celebrity decor, and celebrity tech without any of the downsides that come with actually being a celebrity.

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