Household insurance? But there are a danger and doomsday warnings…

You have invested a lot of time and money in your home? A household insurance protects you from the consequences of damage or loss of your property. For example, in the event of a burglary, fire or water pipe breach, you are financially covered by home contents insurance.

Household insurance can be very helpful in the case of the trap. If the apartment is underwater (we are looking at you, Dorian), has kindled a fire or the old oak tree in the front yard crashed into the rare window after a storm, you are financially secure.

The difference this time is that it works

The household contents insurance protects against damage by fire, tap water, storm/hail and burglary, robbery and vandalism after a break-in and can be supplemented individually.

In contrast to homeowners insurance, which insures the building and the parts of the building (doors, windows, stairs, etc.) firmly connected to it, the household contents insurance covers damage to the furnishings, such as furniture and appliances. Simply put, everything I can take with me when I move can be covered by home contents insurance. The insured risks are the same for the insurers, depending on the company there are individual additional benefits and characteristics.

In this article, we have compiled typical examples of claims and their regulation and give tips on what to do in the event of a claim.

We hail this and what’s in it for you

Even the best insurance company can’t help it. For both domestic and international travel, if the insurance contract includes outside insurance, household contents insurance will replace stolen valuables in the event of serious theft. This is the case, for example, when someone breaks into the hotel room or the car. Pickpocketing, however, is not secured. Even those who leave the expensive camera in the restaurant for a moment unattended, the loss of the home contents insurance is not compensated. If the handover of cash, camera or smartphone, on the other hand, forced under threat of violence, then it is robbery. Here, household contents insurance pays even on vacation.

Who is robbed during a stay abroad, may receive money from the household contents insurance. This is the case, for example, when the hotel room is broken into and cash or valuables are stolen. Here, the household contents insurance provides, if the insurance contract includes so-called external insurance. However, this is only for the damage, if a burglary or robbery is present. If hotel employees who have access to the hotel room use valuables, household contents insurance can refuse the services. Pickpocketing is also not covered by household contents insurance.

A supplement for your household contents insurance is the household property immediate protection. This provides even more security for your home with the following services: free security check, security check with co-payment, guaranteed further insurance, psychological support, property monitoring, 24-hour handcraft service, key, and door opening service, electronic data bank, hotel reservation Service, return trip from the resort, disinfection/cleaning, removal of pests, accommodation of pets.


The range of dangers that threaten the household contents is manifold. In practice, however, the same harm primarily occurs, especially when there is a regulation on home contents insurance. A true classic is water damage.

Furthermore, it should also be asked at the insurance company, how high the reimbursement amount is in the event of damage. As a rule, the amount of the insured loss in external insurance is additionally limited! That’s usually an amount between ten and twenty percent.

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