3 Things You Can Do Instead of Go Home for the Holidays

Let’s face it – going home for the holidays is an overrated thing that comes from Christmas songs, which is not only stressful but also incredibly expensive.

It’s nice to see family, but not at the expense of the cost of a used car, and you can always see family during cheaper times of the year when it won’t break the bank to travel.

It’s nice to be able to celebrate regardless of whether you go home to see your family and friends, though, so here are a few suggestions of things you could do instead:

Host a Holiday Party at Home

Holiday parties are always fun, and you can always host one for your local friends and family members to get into the Christmas spirit and still celebrate.

Christmas parties do not have to be expensive. In fact, you can host one on the cheap, by asking people to bring a dish and making sure that they bring their own drinks. Make sure everybody gets home safe by ensuring there is a designated driver or your guests take cabs home, and you’ll have a great time. Plus, it will give you an excuse to decorate.

Spend Some Time Online

If you really want to see your family members but don’t want to spend money on the trip out to see them, spend some time on Skype or Google Voice with them. Alternatively, you can always just Facetime them. I have a friend who was travelling for Christmas for two years, and she would get on Skype for the whole gift opening ritual with her family on Christmas morning.

You can also have some fun online, aside from connecting with family members. Spend some time reading blogs, watching Netflix, or playing games, like the ones at Caesars, the NJ online casino.

These can all be free or cheap.

Enjoy Festivals In Your Town

Between Christmas markets, festivals, parades, and outdoor sports like skating and sledding, there is a lot to do around the holidays in almost every town.

Lots of these things are free or cheap, and will get you out in the community and doing something festive. Plus, you’ll be able to meet others from the town you live in and it might make your Christmas shopping a bit easier, too.

There are a lot of things you can do instead of going home this Christmas, and these are a few things that will keep you in the Christmas spirit and keep you entertained on the cheap.

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