Gadgets I Love and Make My Life Easier

I hate stuff. I’m at a point in my life where I crave space and don’t want anything I don’t use on a semi regular basis.

This weekend I was cleaning out a closet and was actually getting annoyed by the sheets consuming too much space, bedding we need and use but because they weren’t physically on a bed at the moment I almost threw them in the donate box just so I could have that tiny bit of space. It’s crazy.

I’ve never considered myself a ‘’gadget’’ person. I don’t see things like fancy new uHD TV’s and immediately want them. I’m practical in that way but sometimes gadgets have a way of making their way into my life and change it forever. Usually through my husband who is in fact very much a man who loves his toys. Though this drives me crazy sometimes, sometimes I have to give him credit where credit is due and he (for the most part) has introduced me to some stuff that I really enjoy and I feel make my life a little bit easier.

which gadgets help life

Keurig Machine

The beef I used to have with a traditional coffee maker is that I’m usually the only one drinking it so would make a larger pot just for me and after my one (very rarely two) small cups I’d be done and throw the rest of the pot away. I also use to set the timer to be ready in the morning, which requires prep and me actually remembering to do it in my groggy before bed state of mind. If I’m being honest, this routine more often than not led me to frustration (first world problems, I know) and I ended up forgoing home coffee entirely and got take away instead.

Welcome k-cup maker. I love that I have individual coffee cups, in different brewing size options and different flavor options. Some mornings I want my chai tea while others I want a good ‘ol cup of coffee. This is still significantly less than buying and I find it much easier to use and deal with than traditional coffee machine.

My Smartphone

Does this even need an explanation? It’s an extension of my body and I no longer no how to function without it. I pay bills, answer emails, engage in social media and take pictures. There is very little I don’t use this gadget for.


I love to read, so does my husband, between the two of us we have hundreds of books and I hate how much space they take up! I’m so glad we can have as many books as we want contained in one little device. Some books are worth buying in paper copy and we still buy a ton of books for our kiddo but for us we’re getting into the habit of reading digital (we share one e-reader between the two of us, we don’t both need one).

Do you have any gadgets you love to use or have made your life easier in some way?

14 thoughts on “Gadgets I Love and Make My Life Easier

  1. Kathy says:

    Love the Keurig Hubby gave me for Christmas last year. While the pods are definitely more expensive, if I only want one or two cups, there is no wasted coffee poured down the drain.

  2. Although I’m not a coffee drinker, my wife’s Keurig makes both of our lives much easier. Since I don’t drink coffee, any kind of coffee pot is going to be overkill for coffee in the morning. The keurig allows her (or me on her behalf) to make exactly the amount of coffee she wants – and it literally takes seconds to make. Fantastic little machine. 🙂

  3. I’m with you on all of these! I’d be lost without my smartphone and I love my ereader! I travel a lot, so it’s a great way to pack light and yet have my whole library at my fingertips!

  4. When the Keurig first came out I thought it was the dumbest idea ever. I was like “$100 for a coffee pot that makes one 50 cent cup at a time?”. Now, I couldn’t live without it…well I could, but I don’t want to. My wife and I got one for free, so I started using it. I love it! Every morning I wake up, and instantly go to the coffee pot to turn it on (coffee loaded the night before). Then it produces one perfect cup and that’s all I drink now. I went from drinking 4 or 5 cups to one. Not sure why I did that, but the Keurig makes that super easy!

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