3 Sources of Totally Free Entertainment

In the modern world, we are surrounded by businesses and people who want us to buy stuff. Whether it be physical businesses or sellers we encounter online, the possibilities for spending money that we are faced with each day really add up. And so do the purchases – even if they’re just $.99. So, what can be done to find entertainment without breaking the bank? Better yet, where can you find entertainment that is completely free? Here are three sources of online entertainment that require just a computer and internet access. 

Please note these are based on the user being located in the United States… some countries won’t be able to download or stream media from some websites! 

how to have fun for free

Hulu and network websites

If you’re not ready to subscribe to the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime, Hulu makes for a great, free alternative for recently released TV shows. Many of the shows that you can find one of the subscription services (Hulu has a subscription version called Hulu Plus that grants you access to additional content) are available on Hulu, and typically you can view some of the most recent episodes for free.

Many networks also release free episodes of their programs, such as NBC, ABC, and TBS. Just head to the site and click on the “Full Episodes” link.

Free e-books and audiobooks

If you’re looking to get the greatest bang for your I’m-not-going-to-spend-a-buck, check out the free e-books on the Free E-Books website. Consider how much enjoyment you can get out of a book — the hours upon hours, depending on how quickly you read. And the best thing about this site is that most of the classics are waiting here for you. Also, there are loads of stories by up and coming writers.

You can also head to Books Should Be Free for more free e-books and a pile of audiobooks. The audiobooks are narrated by non-professional readers which can range from entertaining to distracting, or, depending on where you’re from, exotic.

YouTube Channels

In addition to funny, useful videos, YouTube is home to a variety of content channels. There was a big push from YouTube a few years ago to push original content on the site. Though they’ve gotten away from that, there remain lots of original content and channels you can sift through! For technology videos, visit the CNet channel. For comedy, visit College Humor. For thought provoking information, visit Ted. For gaming information, visit Machinima.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering what you can do to entertain yourself for an evening, don’t think that means you have to spend a lot of money. You can find a great book or something to watch without spending any of your hard earned money. So give one of these options a try, and sit back and be entertained by the results.

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  1. To keep my internet cost down I only have a 1.5 meg connection so I am limited to streaming SD programming only which is getting harder to do. Everything seems to be HD now. We are big fans of the Library where you can of course get books but here they also have free CDs and DVDs to check out. Its our free netflix because we can reserve a movie already checked out and they call us to let us know when its ready for us to pick up. We can have as many DVDs on our queue as we want.

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