Five Fun Dates On A Budget

My husband and I have always felt that date nights are important in order to set aside intentional time to connect and have fun.

With that being said, we’ve been trying hard to stick to our tight budget, and the traditional date night can be quite expensive.

The last time we went out for a dinner and a movie we ended up spending over $150. We don’t want to give up our date nights, but decided to think about the things that we love to do together, that wouldn’t bust our budget.

The Bookstore Date

One of the most relaxing, inexpensive dates for us is heading over to our local bookstore to hang out for the night.

It’s fun to browse through the selection of books together and chat over a coffee in the cafe.

We sometimes even bring our own books along, and spend some quiet time reading.

The Athletic Date

It’s fun to spend time together while getting some exercise, and it costs very little! Sometimes we’ll head out to the trail and go for a run.  My hubby and I love to swim together at our health club.  Other times we’ll grab some tennis balls at Sports Authority, and play a few rounds of tennis.  Afterwards, we like to treat ourselves to some ice cream or frozen yogurt.

The Outdoors Date

If you’re into the outdoors like I am, a hike is a great way to connect with nature and your partner, and it’s free! The fresh air, beautiful scenery, time to talk, and exercise will do great things for your relationship.  We like to pack a picnic lunch or dinner, and find a quiet spot to relax.

The Cultural Date

Living in the suburbs of Chicago, I have many options as far as museums, cultural centers, and zoos.

We love heading into the city to experience the culture, but the admission prices can be costly.

Over the years we’ve learned that the museums offer free days.  In addition, our library offers free passes that can be used at certain museums, and our credit card offers free admission one day a month at rotating museums.

The Stay At Home Date

We’ve found that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s more of a hassle to go out than stay in.

The restaurants are packed, and we dislike the set menus. It’s been a tradition the past several Valentine’s Day to make fondue at our house. Even though we’re at our house, it feels like a special meal since it’s something we only do once a year.

The ingredients can be a little more costly than our average dinner at home, but it’s nothing compared to the price of a dinner at a fancy restaurant.

You don’t have to give up date nights if you’re on a budget.  Try some of these enjoyable, low-cost date ideas for some time to have fun and unite with your partner.

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