Financial Roundup: It’s Almost Christmas!

In case you aren’t counting down, it’s 17 days until Christmas and I am starting to get into the holiday spirit. We’re going to get our Christmas tree today, and my work Christmas party is this weekend. My fiance, friends and I are decorating gingerbread houses this upcoming week and next weekend are are visiting the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Needless to say, my life is jam packed with Christmas activities and I’m so looking forward to having some time off at the end of the month to hang out with family and friends and do a little wedding planning.

To spread the Christmas cheer, I thought I’d do some shout outs to the bloggers behind some of these great posts:

Link Love

Mr CBB questions whether online reviews of companies and products are telling the customer the truth. I think lots of the reviews are spam reviews from the companies themselves.

I found Daniel’s article on Prize Linked Savings Accounts interesting, as I’m not a lottery player so I have never heard of them.

Mario from Debt Blag posted about ugly produce and how much of it goes to waste because it’s not visually appealing. Isn’t that nuts? I would and do happily eat it.

I found this piece interesting at Mom and Dad money: Should Young Investors Fear a Market Downturn?

I’m late to the party for this one and I’m not even a parent, but I really liked the article on the Heavy Purse about developing a gratitude mindset in children. 

Color Me Frugal listed some financial tips she’s learned from bloggers. She even lists Swagbucks, of which I am a huge fan and also learned about from bloggers.

Again, I am late to the party on this one, but CF from Outlier Model is a mentor and she tells us why. I have had mentors before and I find them so valuable.

On the Broke and Beautiful Life, there was a guest post about wedding costs in large cities, and since I’m wedding planning (though for a wedding in a small city) I found it interesting.

At Six Figures Under, there is a discussion about minimum debt payments. Apparently there are a lot of myths surrounding the issue, so Stephanie takes it to the blog.
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