Financial Roundup: Birthday Edition

I am officially a quarter of a century old, according to my birth certificate. This week I celebrated a birthday. I had a great day; I took the day off from work, relaxed with a friend, did some wedding crafts, and went for dinner with my fiance. I rounded the day off by having a couple of drinks with my brother and fiance and talking to my family on the phone.

I have had a bit of a crazy week with a loved one in the hospital, so I didn’t get the opportunity to set up Wednesday’s post. Now that we have a long weekend in Canada, I have the chance to catch up a bit and review emails and schedule posts for the upcoming week.

I’ve also had the chance to read some of the posts that have been accumulating in my RSS feed. Here are some of my favorites for the past couple of weeks:

Trent from the Simple Dollar posted about avoiding the comfort zone. I have been thinking about the dreaded comfort zone for quite a while now, with my career, so it hit home.

Along the same lines, at Money Rebound there was a recent post about how it’s never too late to change your career. I’m not so sure about the concept, but it’s a good read.

My friends at Richmond Savers took a closer look at how much money you need to retire.

The team over at Untemplater gives us the secret to never being disappointed again.

Over at Bloggerpreneurship, we get a handful of very real reasons why you aren’t making any money from your blog.

At Impersonal Finance, Ryan writes about the magic of compound interest – and it really is magic.

At Average Joe Money, there’s discussion about the Olympics, and working/training hard for what you are doing.


There you have it, folks. My favorite posts for this week!


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