Financial Roundup: Big Things Edition

It has been so long since I’ve done a roundup of any sort, but I’ve been reading along with my favourite blogs and I figured it’s time that I finally do something!

Part of the reason why I’ve been slacking off for awhile (thank GOD for my wonderful staff writers) has been because there are so many big things coming up.

On May long weekend (Victoria Day – a Canadian holiday) my best friend/maid of honour came over from my hometown and we hung out. Last weekend was my bridal shower. I had my hair done on Tuesday. This weekend I have a lot to do with blogs, another side hustle I’ve started up, and some friends. On Tuesday I have my first dress fitting for my wedding dress, and  next weekend I will be in Los Angeles. Then we’re looking at the big scramble, considering it’s a month from my wedding.

Throughout all of this, we’ve had quite a large re-structure in my department at work, so I’ve been finding out about things like where I’ll be working in about a month from now, with whom, and which duties will change. I went on an interview last Friday for a position that could be pretty risky.

So yeah, there is a lot going on around here.

I’m going to stop the madness now though and roundup all of the posts that I enjoyed over the past few weeks!


At Color Me Frugal, Dee posted a story about a job she once had and something her sales director said to her that stuck with her: “people can afford anything they want to afford”. It’s something to ponder with your own finances.

DINKS Finance posted: “You did what for that cash?!”, which includes an interesting story and makes you think about how far you’d go for a few bucks.

Michelle from Fit n Poor wrote about what they’d do with $1000 extra per month. If I had an extra $1000 a month, it would definitely go toward fast tracking our mortgage payoff.

I love Clever Dude’s posts about his wife, and this one about a bad purchase decision that was made is no exception.

Debt Busting Chick came clean about her debt on her blog, complete with a Judge Judy gif which made me smile.

The Broke and Beautiful Life has been posting some pretty controversial things lately. I really enjoyed Stefanie’s post about tithing on welfare. 

Also pretty controversial, Save Spend Splurge had a piece about drawing the line with cultural customs.

There was discussion at Million Dollar Ninja about asset allocation and where to invest your cash that was pretty interesting.

Shauna from Money Misfit posted about what to do with side hustle money. Normally, mine would go into my savings.

Syed from the Broke Professional points out that you are your own worst enemy.

Kalen at Money Mini Blog posted about 20 ways to give back. 

I liked this informative post from Canadian Budget Binder about asphalt sealing for the driveway and how to DIY, which is something I can’t believe I am interested in now, as a home owner but that needs to be done 🙂



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  1. Hey mate,
    Sounds like your life has been just as busy as mine. It’s been tough trying to schedule everything in these days but the engine keeps on rollin~ Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing. Mr.CBB

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