Earning money from creating articles for website owners

Running a side hustle is a great way to fill a gap in your finances. Most of us have skills that we can use to create something someone else wants. If you are good at writing, you may want to try selling your services to website owners. Having to create content, every single week, is something that most of them struggle with. Writing does not come easily to most people, so when someone offers to do it for them, they will frequently say yes. 

If you are interested in doing this, read on. Below, you will find out how to get started.

Create some high-quality writing samples

The easiest way to convince people that you can write is to provide them with some examples. Don´t delay, choose a subject you like and know about and just write about it. Just be sure to do some research, find some good sources and use this free citation tool from Scribbr to tell readers where you got your facts from.

Doing this is a good way to demonstrate that you are a cut above most of the other writers out there. It shows that you are prepared to research a subject properly and provide a reasoned argument. Anyone can create an article that is basically just hot air. When content is not engaging and relevant enough, website visitors quickly click away. Website owners know that there is no point in buying that sort of content.

The samples you create should be the best you can achieve. It needs to be content that firms will be happy to pay a good price for. You want to be able to charge more than a few pence per word. If you can´t do that, you can easily end up earning less than the minimum wage. That is not a sustainable way to live. 

Consider starting your own website

Another approach is to create your own website. You can easily learn the basics of setting up a WordPress website using YouTube videos. Provided you keep things simple and do not sweat the details, you can easily get a site up and running within a couple of hours. 

Then all you need to do is to add some content. If you write 2 or 3 articles per week, by the end of the month you will have some great samples to show prospective clients.

Finding clients

Now, you are ready to use the content you have already created to find clients. There are many ways to do this. One approach is to contact website owners directly. This can be done by email. Occasionally, this approach works. But, these days, people rarely open and respond to unsolicited emails. Knocking on doors, networking and using social media works far better.

Signing up for writer Facebook groups and responding to job offers made in them can also work. So can advertising your services on Craigslist or freelance marketplaces. Or, you could simply look for writing jobs online and apply.

Where to find out more

If becoming a content writer appeals to you, click here to learn more. The article you will be taken to also explains how you can create other kinds of content, for example, infographics, which can enable you to earn more.  

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