Don’t Let These Small Home Improvement Jobs Turn Into Big Financial Trouble

When you think about the cost of owning a home, it isn’t uncommon to overlook expenses like maintenance. Your main priority is making sure you have a down payment and closing costs, and that you can afford the monthly mortgage, insurance, taxes, and associated living expenses. As important as it is to make sure you can handle these things, overlooking the importance of household maintenance can quickly go from an easy and affordable service job to a safety hazard or costly repair.

HVAC maintenance

You like being able to go home and turn the temperature to the desired level. If you don’t remember to maintain the systems that provide you with heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, you probably won’t enjoy those benefits for very long. It is important to make sure that you have your heating and cooling systems serviced at least once a year. An HVAC contractor needs to inspect hoses, clean vents, and change filters.

Letting your HVAC system go unserviced for a few years could result in the need for costly replacement parts, expensive repairs, and higher energy bills. You may even need to buy a whole new furnace, heater, or air conditioning unit if you’re not maintaining them.

Pest Control

No matter where you live, you can’t escape the occasional visit of a pest in the home, especially during the warmer months. Sometimes, sprays and traps aren’t effective in getting rid of them and you’ll need to hire someone for pest control in Dallas TX or whichever city or town you’re located. They can safely get rid of the problem and take preventative measures to keep them from coming back. The reason a local service is preferred is that they are better prepared to deal with the specific types of pests to that region. Ignoring a few pests in the home could turn into a full-blown infestation. If it’s something like termites, this could do terrible structure damage to your home. Meanwhile, pests like bed bugs serve as the stuff of nightmares, feeding on you and your loved ones as you sleep.


You need a good plumbing system to carry out the basic daily routines. Though some homeowners wait until there’s an actual problem, maintenance can actually prevent a lot of issues from ever occurring. A plumber can complete tasks such as clearing clogs, fixing leaks, repairing running toilets, and checking the septic tank. Putting it off can result in major clogs or backups, damaged pipes, flooding, mold, and more.


Electricity is just as vital as it is dangerous and it’s not a home maintenance job you want to overlook. Periodically, you need to check the status of wires, ensure that they’re all grounded and up to code, repair sockets, and complete upgrades. Putting this off could lead to constant tripping of the power, increased energy bills, and the risk of a house fire.


Just because a roof is said to be good for 50 to 100 years doesn’t mean that you don’t need to keep it maintained. Your roof is exposed to everything from the heat from the sun to the weight of the snow in the winter. This can lead to some minor damage including missing tiles, holes, and more. Unless you want to end up replacing your roof early, dealing with flooding from leaks, exposing your family to mold, or foundation issues from a poorly maintained gutter system, it’s probably best you budget for roofing maintenance.

Quick Tips to Save for Home Maintenance

You now see how important it is to budget for home maintenance. If you’re short on cash or simply want to be prepared, you can start saving for these jobs today. Here’s how:

  • Reduce spending – you may have to eat out one night fewer each week or kill your love of shopping, but the integrity of your home and safety of your family are worth it.
  • Get a side hustle – if you’re not bringing in enough money you can start a side hustle to pick up the slack. Cut grass, walk dogs, write blogs, or start ridesharing. Either way, it’s money you can add to your savings.
  • Borrow the money – if push comes to shove and you’re dealing with an emergency you can take out a loan. A home equity loan, personal loan, or short-term installment loan can all be beneficial in helping you improve your home.

Your home will always require maintenance and periodic repairs to keep working efficiently and safely for you and your family. Avoiding these expenses and ignoring the need for maintenance will not only lead to higher costs, but it can ruin your home and cause harm to those you love. Do yourself a favor and begin putting money aside to cover these often overlooked costs of owning a home.

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