Cutting Down on Waste

We all do it. We waste things that we shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s out of convenience, sometimes it’s laziness and sometimes there is no other option unfortunately. I do try my best to be conscious about my consumption a wastage on a daily basis but I’m not perfect. I think we can all make a more concerted effort to waste less.

how to eliminate waste


The city I live in is very pro-recycling. We separate everything, from organics to paper and corrugated cardboard to regular waste to plastics. This can be time consuming but with a little organization it doesn’t have to take that much more effort. Though I have a small bin for my organics (food scraps etc.) it was well hidden under my cupboard and I wasn’t using it as much. I recently switched to a small countertop one which forces me to use it and empty at least once daily.

Be Energy Efficient

We can all do a little better at wasting energy by purchasing energy efficient appliances when available. Not only will this cut down on energy waste, it will save you money, win-win. Don’t waste energy in general. Turn off lights, unplug stuff that doesn’t need to draw energy all the time, limit shower time. In general, be conscious about stuff like water consumption and power. Better for the environment and your wallet.

Use Less

There was a point in my life where I used paper towel for everything. I’d clean with it, wipe up messes and use it as napkins come mealtime. I was going through more paper towel in the run of a week than I’d care to admit. I don’t know exactly what it was that made me change but I almost never use it anymore.

I clean with rags that can be washed and re-used (or thrown away if needed) which makes the biggest difference in our consumption. Only buy what you need whether it’s food or paper towel try to only use what you need, limiting waste.

Organize Yourself

If you’re constantly running around life like a chicken with its heat cut off, spend time to slow down, regroup and get organized. If you don’t give yourself some time to get organized chances are you’ll end up wasting stuff out of convenience (throwing plastic in the garbage as an example, because you don’t have recycling bags or time to separate). Meal planning also goes a long way in limiting food waste, where a huge portion of household wastage comes from. Only buying exactly what you need to cook with eliminates food rotting in your fridge.

Being wasteful hurts both the environment and your wallet, it pays to recognize areas that can improve in your home and life in general. The less you use, the more there will be to go around, for longer. Only use what you need!

How do you limit waste?

5 thoughts on “Cutting Down on Waste

  1. We have a small recycle bin in a cabinet under the sink for cans and plastic which we empty when necessary into the recycle bins I keep in the garage. That with paper/cardboard recycling we end up usually only have 1 thirteen gallon trash bag going to the dump each week. We also do some composting of organics for the garden.
    You are absolutely right about getting organized and slow down a bit to think about what we are doing. I save much more when I take the time to look at all the alternatives and search for the lowest cost to get things done.

  2. I was surprised to learn recently that the TV, stereo and anything else you have plugged in uses electricity even when it’s in standby: the TV consumes power while you’re sleeping and at work unless you unplug it!

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