What is the Costco Jewelry Return Policy?

costco jewelry return policy

Costco carries practically every item you would want or need, including jewelry. But, what happens if the design does not suit or fit the receiver? What is the Costco jewelry return policy? If you do purchase something like this for a loved one (or even yourself), here is how to return unwanted items.

Sometimes, we purchase things then later change our minds. Impulse buying happens to the best of us. So does buyer’s remorse. I knew that Costco was designed to be a one-stop-shop. However, I was particularly surprised to learn they also carry jewelry. And not just any jewelry. There are simple pieces ranging from $80 to princess-cut diamond rings for $4,000 available at some Costco stores. You can also view them through their main website.

I began to wonder, though, what would happen if I bought my jewelry from them but decided later that it was not for me? Perhaps I saw something from their selection online I liked better. Or, let’s say I bought a ring for my mom for Mother’s Day, but it didn’t fit her. Could she simply exchange it for a new size? So, I decided to stop in to the warehouse chain over the weekend to find out.

costco jewelry return policy

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What is the Costco Jewelry Return Policy?

When I entered the closest Costco to my area, I came across their jewelry section, which was admittedly small. However, this does not mean the items in-store were not still appealing. As I approached the station located near other retail items, I was easily able to find an associate. I spoke with an employee regarding their terms on returns.

As it stands, Costco claims they are very good with return policies. You have 90 days to change your mind with your jewelry purchase. You may also exchange the item or get your money back. Just make sure to keep your receipt, as you would with anything. Additionally, you are able to use your exchange or the equivalent amount of your purchase online. You would receive a store gift card of sorts to utilize on their website. But, what if you originally bought the jewelry online?

If you bought a jewelry item through Costco.com and needed to return it, you have a couple options. You can give back the piece at a chain near you. Although you must have the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond report and International Gemological Institute (IGI) appraisal notice (if both are applicable). Should you be unable to bring it back to the store, you can still attempt to return it by submitting an email. All you need to include is your name, phone number, order confirmation number, and your reason for returning it. You’ll need to mention whether or not the card you used to buy the jewelry is still in use as well. Although this route will take longer, the process will still be complete. Another bonus with online returns? The amount reimbursed includes shipping and handling fees.

How Does it Work for Non-Members?

Unfortunately, the policy is  different if you are not a member and received jewelry from Costco as a gift that you would like to return. The individual holding the membership will have to do it for you. So, you would not receive a gift card or store credit for the item. In fact, Costco does not provide gift receipts at all. It would probably be best to sit with the member who gifted you the jewelry.  Look at the online options prior to exchanging it for you, or simply get a membership for yourself.

Does Costco Offer Jewelry Repairs and Insurance?

Remember that no matter what you purchase, Costco remains committed to selling quality products. When it comes to watch repairs, you are fully covered under the Customer Satisfaction Policy.  The policy states that the store will attempt to repair, replace or refund the item at cost. If you are buying a valuable piece of jewelry, it is also wise to buy insurance in case of loss, damage, or theft. Unfortunately, Costco does not offer other jewelry cleaning or repair services.

Lastly, if you have any questions or feel dissatisfied with your purchase, you can always visit or call a local store.

If you are leery of buying jewelry from Costco, you can check out their frequently asked questions, which they’ve published here.

Shopping at Costco can be a way to save money, and it’s nice to know that the Costco jewelry return policy is also fairly simple. That is, as long as you do it within the 90 day period.

Finally, other bloggers have covered Costco’s return policy. Savingadvice has a great piece on it.

You can also see Costco’s new locations here.

Have you ever purchased jewelry from Costco before? What were your thoughts? 

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3 thoughts on “What is the Costco Jewelry Return Policy?

  1. I haven’t bought a jewelry, but the information you gave is helpful especially for non-member of Costco. It’s surprising that it’s 90 days so there’s so much time to consider before returning the item to Costco.

    • Jenny Smedra says:

      Insurance is usually additional, so you can ask the sales rep about your options or take it to a jeweler for an appraisal and a second opinion.

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