Cheap Things to Do on New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and soon we’ll be ringing in a new year with champagne, limos and cigars. Right?

Yeah, not so much. Every time I’ve ever gone out for new year’s eve, it’s been incredibly expensive. New Year’s Eve on the town can costs hundreds of dollars, and that’s if you don’t have to pay a babysitter to watch your kids on the big night.

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I’ve never been a huge fan of going out on New Year’s Eve. I find the crowds annoying, the prices insane, and the atmosphere generally overwhelming. I’ve had a lot of fun at home over the past few years during New Year’s celebrations, and I think this can be achieved by anyone frugally if you put your mind to it.

Games Night

Be like the hipsters (who Kali at Common Cents Millennial says we could take a tip or two from) and stay home and play board games on New Year’s eve!

This may not be as “cool” as clubbing, but it’s so much more fun. Invite friends over, pick a few competitive board games (and maybe learn a bit about personal finance in the process), and play away!

To make it more New Year’s Eve-esque, pick up a bottle of your favorite liquor and make it a drinking game. There are even ways to save on booze.

House Party

Even if you don’t want to throw your own house party, there are always a million house parties to attend on New Year’s Eve.

House parties are actually a really great way to meet new people, so I’d recommend bringing a bottle of wine (or, if you are in college, Malibu.. haha) and head on over to a friend’s party.

If you’d rather have control over the festivities, you can throw a party very inexpensively. Ask your guests to bring a potluck dish and bring their own booze, which is very acceptable on New Year’s Eve, and have a fun, cheap New Year’s Eve.

Dinner Party

As I grow older, I find myself loving dinner parties more and more. They are relaxed, fun, and intimate. Perhaps because my preferences tend to lean on the side of “introvert”, I really enjoy having a handful of friends and family members over for some food.

Again, you can keep costs down and keep your new year’s eve cheap by asking everyone to bring a dish or a bottle of wine.

Same goes with a cocktail party.

It’s really not as hard as some people think to find cheap things to do on New Year’s Eve. Avoid the bars, clubs, and casinos, and have your friends and family members come to you to celebrate the new year!

(Staying home or going to a friend’s house is safer, too. No drinking and driving!)

How are you ringing in the new year? Any big plans, or are you having a frugal night?


39 thoughts on “Cheap Things to Do on New Years Eve

    • daisy says:

      Have you had to make reservations far ahead of time to do so? I have tried going out before without one and it just meant really long waits.

  1. I prefer low-key events or going to a friend’s party. I live in NYC and I’ve been roped into trying to go to Time Square even though it never works out because you have to get there ultra early. And it’s usually COLD…I don’t want to stand there for hours! One year, my wife and I went to Central Park where there was some entertainment and fireworks. Other years…just watch the ball drop from Time Square at home or friend/family home.

  2. Almost every single year we will go out and buy some sort of all-inclusive package at a bar/club, but I don’t think we are doing that this year. I think we may have a small party at our house. Much cheaper!

  3. The pretty typical Kiwi thing is to go away, to the beach or one of the big music festivals! Hopefully the former for us, otherwise we’ll probably be ringing it in at home.

  4. New Years has always been hyped up to be something bigger and better then it actually is! I remember spending boat loads on New Years because it was supposed to be ‘the best night of my life’. In the end, all I really wanna do is spend it with my family/friends and have 1-13 glasses of champagne.

    Dinner followed by board game night wins in my books!

  5. I was never one to go out on New Years and neither was the wife although when she was younger she said she would go to the clubs. Now we just head to a friends house or have a few people come around here for snacks and champagne and good times.. easy peasy and not too hard on the budget.

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