Want to Save Money on Home Insurance? Be Aware of These 3 Tips

To the average American family, a home can be a great asset to have. It can be purchased at a price lower than the market price and resold at a higher markup after some modifications. Or it can be put up for rent, earning passive income over an indefinite term. It can even be sold after being lived in for a family’s lifetime at a decent price, since the market values of homes are almost always appreciating.

But homes can also easily become a financial liability. Purchasing a home does not exactly come at the same price as a cup of instant noodles. Therefore, if something were to happen to it, the financial loss could be crippling. This is where home insurance comes in.

Home insurance is a way to protect the financial investment of a homeowner should their home be damaged or destroyed. While this can be an added financial burden, there are ways to protect a home without breaking the bank.

Consider more than one provider

While there is an average asking price, insurance companies often provide different price points for home insurance. Any homeowner looking to save some dollars on their home insurance policy might want to consider getting a quote from more than one insurance company.

Talk to friends, family, even colleagues on who their providers are. Do research online; the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has resources that can help make the selection process easier. Shopping around can take some time, but it’s well worth the effort.

Bundle your policies

Protecting a home can be financially wearisome, especially if there are other assets that need to be protected. Insurance companies usually offer discounts for homeowners who not only take up a home insurance policy with them, but also get their auto or life insurance policy with the same company. Allstate home insurance quotes, for example, offer a multi-policy discount of up to 25% for homeowners who choose to take up both home and auto insurance with the company. This rate can vary from company to company as well, so again, feel free to shop around.

Raise your deductibles

It may seem counterintuitive to most policy owners, but raising the deductible can actually help lower the cost of having home insurance. For reference, a deductible is the money a policy owner pays out of their pocket when a claim is filed with the insurance provider.

Insurance companies can provide as much as a 25% reduction on the monthly premium depending on how high the deductible is raised. It’s also important to note that raising the deductible can be risky, especially if money equivalent to the new deductible isn’t readily available in your bank account; make sure money gets squared away through automatic savings accounts.

Getting home insurance, and maybe even insurance in general, might not seem like the most important thing to have given all the daily expenses that need to be taken care of. It is however, important to understand the consequence of not having home insurance, as it can lead to serious financial consequences in the long run. Getting home insurance at the most affordable price can be taxing, but getting the same quality of protection for your home at a lower cost is certainly worth it.

Don’t Miss These 7 Car Insurance Milestones

Constantly looking for new ways to save can be exhausting. Whether you are trying to save money for a vacation or you’re looking to shave a few dollars off a bill, saving money takes effort. However, every once in a while you get a break when your birthday rolls around. This is especially true with car insurance. If you’re a new driver looking for car insurance quotes or just lowering your costs then try using online services that make it easy. There are a number of car insurance milestones that can save you cash.

7 Car Insurance Milestones You Can Benefit From

Car insurance can be expensive, especially if you’ve been in an accident or have had tickets in the past. There are a few milestones that can reduce your auto insurance policy though.

  1. Turning 25 – When you turn 25 you’ll be able to rent a car and you may get a few dollars off your current auto insurance policy. There’s no real reason for this but it’s a milestone that can help you save. If you’ve had a good driving history, your insurance carrier may give you a discount after your 25th.
  2. Getting married – If you’re getting married your spouse’s driving record can help you land a lower rate too. However, if your spouse is a risky driver with accidents and tickets on their record it could have the opposite effect if you’re adding them to your policy.
  3. Having a child – Some families choose to purchase a newer, safer car when they have a child. If you choose to get a car with advanced safety features your insurer may provide you with a lower rate because the vehicle you are traveling in is safer than the one you had before.
  4. Relocating – If you have to relocate for work (or simply have to move), your auto insurance rates could go down as well. Areas with higher traffic, like New York City, are subject to higher car insurance rates. The farther away from the city, the lower your insurance.
  5. Turning 50 – Oftentimes car insurance rates lower again once you hit your 50s, especially if you’ve had a good driving record. This is because individuals in their 50s are more likely to drive safer vehicles and are less likely to take risks while driving.
  6. Sending your kids to college – Many parents keep their kids on their auto insurance policy through college. If your child gets good grades at school your insurer may reward their grades with lower rates.
  7. Retiring – Similar to the rate decreases at 25 and 50, retiring can also help reduce your auto insurance rate. This is usually because retirees have older, safer cars that are simply cheaper to insure. However, you’ll also be getting a senior citizen discount and may get additional discounts, depending on your location and insurance company.

Saving money is tiring but every once in a while you’ll hit one of these car insurance milestones that will help you save without lifting a finger. If you have specific questions about these milestones and discounts offered, give your insurance company a call. You may even be able to save some money today!


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Progressive HomeQuote Explorer Review

Progressive HQX

This post was sponsored by Progressive.

Over the last few years, we’ve come to recognize Progressive Insurance thanks to Flo, the Progressive girl. Initially, when the company first began in 1937, it focused solely on auto coverage. Over time, the Ohio-based company stayed true to its name of being a progressive insurance company, and thus, expanded its services beyond vehicles. From golf carts to condos, customers can obtain coverage for some unique circumstances in addition to standard protection. They were the first major auto insurance company to have a website, they continue their history of innovation with a new service: HomeQuote Explorer.

HomeQuote Explorer Review

What is it?

HomeQuote Explorer is a free online quoting experience to help homeowners compare home insurance rates. Think Trivago for hotels, except it will show prices from multiple insurance companies side by side. Not just that, but when you do enter your information, HomeQuote Explorer will match you with the best policy for you based on your information. Currently, Progressive is the only insurer that offers anything like this, according to their website.

How does it work?

You start the process by entering the address of your home to their search bar on the site. Progressive then pre-fills any information they find based on public records of the house, which helps you save time. Their questionnaire also includes images to assist in the process of answering questions about your home, such as your roof type or flooring details.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, they’ll match you with what they feel is the best policy based on your answers. However, you do not have to choose their recommended. They also provide you with alternative rates and coverage to review – side-by-side comparisons of rates and coverage from multiple companies so that you can ensure you’re getting the best deal.

As you finalize your decision on your new home’s insurance option, you can simply buy it online or call Progressive to speak with a licensed agent.

Pros and Cons of Progressive HomeQuote Explorer


On top of comparing your rates, they will even take care of the details with your mortgage company for you if you prefer. They’ll send a proof of insurance and coordinate the details, allowing you to lump in the payment to your mortgage rather than paying Progressive directly.

The information regarding their service is also very clear and easy to find. Their FAQ page answers just about any question you might have about the process, which is something I truly appreciate.


The biggest con for me, personally, was that the HomeQuote Explorer was still relatively new when I gave it a try so there were still a few quirks. Using my current address, I went through the process as though I were buying my place. As I went through and filled out the information for my home insurance quote, the images the promotional video showed were not present. It was their old questionnaire that also did not have an auto fill option as promoted.

When I tried again, however, the new screen and features did appear. After going back and taking a look at the newer version of HomeQuote Explorer, this issue was resolved.

Another con I experienced was that the HomeQuote Explorer didn’t directly provide the homeowner’s insurance but rather partner with other companies to do so. Thus, they are limited in the discounts they can offer.

Progressive is a trustworthy company and continues to deliver a quality service. I can say this confidently as an auto insurance policy holder for the last three years. Regardless, it would still be wise to research other home insurance policies before purchasing through the HomeQuote Explorer. It does appear that some glitches are still being worked out.

All in all, the tool was easy to use and helpful in giving me an idea of one of my options for home insurance.

Interested in learning more about HomeQuote Explorer? Check out the video below: