Can You Really Make A Living From LuLaRoe?

smile-1485850_1920LuLaRoe began with the stay-at-home mom in mind. But, can you really make a living from it?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has been around for quite some time and is met with different criticisms and feelings. Many view this type of work as controversial, stating it is a borderline pyramid scheme. Despite this, new MLM companies regularly emerge; some successful, some not so much; some ethical, some also not so much. However, this form of direct selling shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

How does MLM work?

Multi-level marketing relies on word of mouth marketing as a primary source of sales. Those with MLMs can sell directly to consumers and recruit associates to be what is known as their downline, who then follow the same process. A multi-level compensation plan is typically also put into place. Examples of MLM businesses include Avon, Nutrilite, Tupperware, and, of course, LuLaRoe.

What is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe (LLR) is one of those MLM companies that began when founder DeAnne Stidham decided to finally start her dream of launching her own clothing line, following previous favorable outcomes in network marketing. According to the LuLaRoe website, DeAnne wanted to share her success with others, while simultaneously uplifting individuals to help them be successful as well. It is this mindset that is attributed to helping the business grow so quickly in such a short amount of time.

You’ve probably seen your Facebook newsfeed filled with women sporting their “LLR,” along with invitations to multiple pop-up sales events. As more of your friends start to dive into LLR as a career, which is roughly an initial investment of $5,000, you might wonder, “Can this really work as an income? With so many people doing it, won’t the market become over-saturated?”

Many argue yes, you can still be successful with this company regardless of the amount of consultants in one area. The main reason LuLaRoe is able to make this work is by providing distributors with different patterns and styles to help draw and maintain sales.

So, does it really work?

In order to see if you really can do this as a source of a full-time income successfully, though, I spoke with a few LLR sellers over the Labor Day weekend. One woman I spoke with just became an associate and sold $500 worth of clothes in her first night. And, two other women in particular, whom I’d like to highlight, turned LuLaRoe into a very lucrative career in less than a year.

In October 2015, neighbors and friends Ashley Adams and Kerrie Butler from Royal Palm Beach, Florida, started their LuLaRoe journey and poured their heart and souls into their new business from day one.

“It was not easy working full-time at our day jobs and then coming home to another full-time shift, but it was certainly worth the return,” Kerrie said. “In a matter of 4 months, I was able to replace my full-time income as a medical professional, a position which I held for 13 years. Ashley was also able to retire from her position as an office manager in the same time frame.”

In addition to this impressive step, the ladies also obtained the title as “coach” in the company, one position away from the top rank of “mentor.”

“We are happy and proud to say that we are both officially full-time LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants.”

The added benefits?

Prior to diving in fully to LLR, both women had set out some big goals for themselves. Along with wanting to replace their income, they wanted to put their children in private schools. Thanks to LuLaRoe, they did both. Not just that, but they were able to pay for their first year in full.


Ashley and Kerrie weaing LuLaRoe. Photo credit: Laurel Serra Photography

“The financial gains have been nothing short of incredible,” Kerrie said.

As for those who may be doubtful, the girls pay no attention to the negativity.

“There will always be naysayers in all aspects of life,” Kerrie added. “The LuLaRoe culture is all about blessing and strengthening families, and that is what we try to share with others.”

The best part about this job? There are so many, they say. These include but not are limited to: Empowering women, bringing mommies home to raise their children, and, one of their favorites, making women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

For those interested in getting started with the business, the ladies are more than willing to talk to anyone to determine if it is a good fit for them. For Ashley and Kerrie, they state that it has blessed their families beyond measure. You can visit their group and become part of their LLR family here.

So, is LuLaRoe for you?

With any opportunity comes risks. And, with any new business venture, hard work and dedication is necessary in order to succeed. Companies like LuLaRoe boast of enabling stay-at-home moms enjoy being a full-time parent, create a stream of revenue and help other women feel beautiful. When looking to become involved in any MLM, however, remember to always do your research on the company, its history and its policies to make sure it is right for you and is ethical. One like LuLaRoe has a mission that goes beyond the income; it is part of a movement.

There have been many entrepreneurs who have started out with MLM, then branched off on their own. Regardless of whether or not you plan to start your own company one day, LuLaRoe seems to be a great way to develop professional skills and make a living, especially if you love fashion.


Tara Covert, LLR distributor, sporting LLR’s “Irma” top.

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  1. I had no idea what LuLaRoe was until just now and once I saw the term ‘multi level marketing’, my interest was automatically piqued. Lots of housewives earn money this way, relying on their own social circles to make sales, but as with all ‘pyramid schemes’ (this isn’t one, as you mentioned, but it’s certainly there on the fence), it gets harder and harder to make money as you move down the ‘pyramid’. But so far it looks like all is well in this MLM scheme…

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