My Experience with Buying Wedding Rings Online

There seems to be a lot of upcoming nuptials in the Personal Fiance niche so I feel the need to talk about my experience with buying our wedding rings online, for cheap.

My proposal was very traditional. I knew nothing about the ring, the timing, anything. We had been together for many years at this point (started dating at 16) so trusted he knew me well enough and knew us well enough to get it right in both engagement ring and timing. He totally surprised me with both choice of ring and timing. It was special.

I’m a simple girl. I don’t wear jewelry beyond stud earrings and now my wedding rings so would have picked something very small and simple for myself. I wouldn’t have even bought a real diamond and gone lab made all the way but like I said, he’s traditional so I 100% left it up to him. He surprised me with a three stone diamond ring set in white gold on my last day of classes (upon completing my second university degree), it was beautiful and perfect since he spend weeks choosing it.

buying wedding rings online

With the engagement stress long gone, I started having a say in everything else wedding related, such the wedding rings. I went into local jewelry stores to try on different band styles with my ring and my fingers to see what I did and did not like. I toyed with the idea of getting lab made diamond wedding bands to match my ring but couldn’t find a style I liked. They were all much more ornate than I was looking for. I found the simple wedding band I wanted but wasn’t so happy with dishing out so much money for a piece of jewelry.

I started searching around online one night and found the exact ring I wanted, at 60% less than the jewelry store was offering. I have bought things online before but somehow felt reluctant to buy such an important item online and though it was 60% off, it was still a chunk of change for both my ring and the ring my husband picked out. I thought about it for weeks, did more research and bit the bullet and input my credit card information.

I decided to buy the rings from this site based on testimonials, the satisfaction guarantee that came with it and of course, the price. I’m so glad I did it. The rings arrived within a few weeks (getting held up in customs) and were exactly as promised. I had a local jeweler do a quick check on them to make sure they were in fact as they said as they passed with flying colors. For less than $300 I bought both my wedding band as well as my husbands. While I did get dinged for another $50 in custom fees it was still worth every penny. Almost five years later and we have no regret, quite the opposite, we’re looking at buying another ring to (in my husband’s words) complete my ”set”.

If you buy anything online, especially something as important as your wedding bands, do your research! I have nothing but good things to say about the company we used but have heard horror stories from other friends. If you’re not 100% comfortable with anything about the transaction don’t do it or get clarification.

My husband was reluctant at first to buy our wedding bands online, thought it was weird and impersonal but when I showed him the price difference he quickly came around 🙂

24 thoughts on “My Experience with Buying Wedding Rings Online

  1. Everything is going online from prescription glasses to wedding rings! But the ring looks gorgeous! Smart of you to verify the ring independently. I hope this becomes a trend; the prices in B&M stores are outrageous!

  2. I’d definitely consider purchasing rings online. When we got married many years ago, this wasn’t really an option. Thankfully, we live somewhat near a jewelry district. However, Mr. LH has been wanting to “update” my ring for a while now and since there are so many great online sites to check out, we’ll be looking there first.

  3. I bought my engagement ring online & we’ll probably end up buying our wedding bands online too. I had a great experience finding what I wanted for a lot cheaper than the stores with the engagement ring, so hopefully the same scenario plays out with the next set of rings!

  4. I’ve never bought jewelry online before but I see a lot of companies that now offer internet shopping for high end jewelry. I was pretty simple myself. Didn’t care too much about the rings. Was just so darn excited to be getting married : )

    • I’m also simple (I would have bought myself a simple small solitaire if I bought for myself) and I didn’t need a crazy fancy band but needed a wedding band for the symbolism.

  5. I bought my wife’s engagement ring from a store (back when I was dumb), pretty much because of the blue box it came in. But, she handled our wedding rings and bought them online for around the same price as yours. Four years later, and we’re still happy with them. And they were inexpensive enough that I don’t mind if she wants a new one!

  6. Last 2007 we bought our (Church) wedding ring. At that time we are hesitant to buy ring trough online. So. we bought directly from the store and we don’t have any regret.

    Buying online is more convenient than buying directly from the store. You don’t have to waste your time in the traffic and to find parking slot as well.

  7. That’s awesome. We got engaged in 2006 and married in 2007 and I don’t know that I would have been as trusting at that time. It seems now the testimonials and time that sites have had to build a reputation would make this more of an option to think about. I’m glad it worked out for you.

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