Budgeting Your Backyard Event or Celebration

Have you ever wanted to entertain friends in your backyard but your wallet was not on the same page as you? This can get frustrating, especially if you are a person that loves hosting. Backyard events and celebrations are fun and a great way to bring people together. If you want to host one, you can do it on a budget and manage to entertain your close circle at the same time. Take a look at these budgeting tips for your backyard event.


Get All the Basics for a Backyard Celebration


If you are planning an outdoor event, buy the main items that can be used for all kinds of gatherings. For instance, a drink dispenser can be used to serve iced tea, lemonade, or infused water, and it is way cheaper than giving out cans or bottles. It is also more affordable to get all your event items from one place. For instance, if you will need a rental tent for the event, then it makes sense to also rent linens, chairs, and tables from the same company. You are more likely to get all these items at a discount than if you work with separate companies.


Do Some DIY


While you may want to hire someone to help with the decor and arrangements, you will save money in that department by DIYing. Roll craft paper along the length of your tables. It is cheap and has this rustic-chic appeal that will make the space more inviting. You can even go a step further and paint the guests’ initials instead of using place cards. Do not worry too much about perfection. The goal is for it to look handmade. You can also spread wrapping paper on the table so that it acts like a runner. That pop of pattern will make your arrangement look interesting.


Keep the Decor Simple


There is no point in going overboard with the decor, especially when trying to budget for all the items. As such, try to keep it simple and attractive. Start with flowers. Flowers will transform a space significantly, and everyone loves them. In fact, 99% of people admit that anyone who gives out flowers is thoughtful. That is because they encourage intimate connections and make people happy. Plus, they are affordable. You can also add some balloons and candles, especially if the party goes late. Simple decor can still make a statement and make your place attractive.


Keep the Guest List Short


While it may be tempting to go overboard with the invites, try and keep the guest list simple. This will save you a lot of money on food and drinks. Who are the closest people in your circle? Those are the people you should be inviting. Instead of trying to invite the whole neighborhood for a cookout, maybe try an intimate gathering such as a movie night or book club. If you want to have more people, then make it a potluck party where others can contribute as well. With everyone bringing in their food, you will not have to worry about feeding everyone.


Add Some Accessories to Make the Party More Intimate


Bright and colorful accessories add a celebratory mood to a party. Invest in colorful throw pillows, string outdoor lights, flameless candles, and assorted lanterns. You can also get some boho blankets and toss them over your chairs. These items will add some warmth to the party. For evening parties, a firepit is a must. Not only does it add warmth to a party, but it can be a centerpiece, bringing people together. You will need seasoned firewood as it has a 20% moisture content. This type of wood produces adequate light and gives less soot when burning. You and your guests can hang out around the fire and make smores as you enjoy conversations.


Planning for a backyard celebration on a budget does not have to be complicated. You can still hack it and end up with a fun and memorable event. Set a budget and be creative, and you will realize it is not as difficult.

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