Becoming a master investor in 7 easy steps

Take care of the future: how to learn investing?

Investing is a great way to build your success and ensure a wealthy future for you and your family. All the financial advisers and all the best websites dedicated to this topic will surely tell you that investing should be one of your top priorities once you’ve saved at least some money.

But, investing is not innate knowledge. It is a skill that should be learned and developed over time. Since our educational system fails with helping kids learn how to create their first investment portfolio, let us help you.

Today, we present to you seven easy steps on your way to mastering investing and financial stability. If you are ready to start your investing success story, let’s get to it!


Educate yourself about financial planning

That’s the first step of our journey because it’s a foundation and a basis for the whole saving/investing system. Without financial planning, you will not get enough resources to invest, so start with this.

First rule: start simple. You don’t have to begin with learning what S&P 500 Index is. It would be best if you started by reviewing your finances. Determine your income and expenses, track your money, and find out where you overspend to save and invest these resources.

Pay off all your debts and start a savings account if you haven’t made it already. Investing with no money in savings or with a huge amount of interest you need to pay every month is just crazy. If you need some help, you can watch videos on Youtube by channels like Financial Diet to learn about financial planning.

Do not stop learning new things

This is a kind of general advice, but it does not make it less real. Investing is a science, and like with every piece of knowledge in this world, it evolves, changes, and grows. And

you should keep up with it.

Even if you think you know enough, it is not enough. When you have a chance, listen to podcasts about financial planning and investments, watch webinars, read books, or listen to audiobooks.

We sincerely advise you to find out how to capture video on PC and record everything you watch about finances. All webinars and lectures, especially those you paid for, are investments in themselves, so you need to have them for as long as possible. It is really useful to revisit some of the educational content you once watched to analyze if you incorporated helpful things into your life.


Expand your horizons

Investing is all about flexibility. So, it is only logical to expand your horizons on this topic as much as you can. That’s why it is great to be aware of all the investment news happening in the world right now.

You can hire an investment advisor at least for a while to help you go through the hard first steps, go to investment courses, start learning different languages, to be first to know everything about stocks and investments abroad.

In other words, you should not fixate on one source of information: try to look into everything available to you to be on the top of your investing game.


Create a demo-account

Creating a real investment account can be foolish if you are not fully aware of all the risks and consequences. If you don’t want to hire a financial adviser or just can’t afford them, we suggest you start with creating a demo account.

This account is simply a training program with virtual money that allows you to perform everything you would do on the actual stock market with real money, but you do not risk losing everything here.

Demo accounts teach you how to use a particular platform for investing, so they can vary, but they all have one purpose: to give you a chance to learn stock trading in a safe way.


Use the power of finance apps!

Almost nobody takes financial and investment apps seriously, and this is a big mistake. Apps for budgeting, tracking expenses, wealth management, and all sorts of investment apps help you not get lost in the world oversaturated with information.

Personally, we find Mint for expenses, Simplifi for looking at your budget from a different angle, and Albert for savings, the most helpful apps, and we use them all the time! You should try them too!


Make investments a family thing

Different investment opportunities appear at different places, and sometimes, you don’t have enough resources or time to make the right choices. In this case, it is a great idea to collaborate with your friends and family to create a joint investment portfolio and gain more money than alone.

This is especially true about real estate investing. The more money you have for a down payment, the lower the mortgage will be and the more cash you will get from renting out this property.

Be serious about your investment strategy

It cannot be emphasized too often that investing is a risky business, so you must be deadly serious with every step on this way. Constantly do your research, watch experts’ reviews on different opportunities and get help where you need it.

Create your investment strategy carefully, and do not invest your money into one thing. Try bonds, stocks, and investment funds. Eventually, you will find the best options for you.


What to do next

In the age of financial apps and robo-advisors for investment, we all have thousands of opportunities and options for long-term investments. Long gone days when you had to be a professional to buy and sell stocks: today, all you need to do is use the internet.

So, if you are serious about investments, our main and simple advice for you will be this: educate yourself and choose different things to find what fits you. Investing is a game, and you should win every time!

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