Absolute essentials for your e-commerce site

While many e-commerce sites are the same in principle, you may find that the consumer experience differs greatly from one site to the next. Keeping your e-commerce site competitive and user-friendly can feel like an overwhelming challenge, but with the right knowledge and understanding, you’ll soon find your site traffic and customer overall customer experience rise.

For an insight into some absolute essentials for your e-commerce site – read on.

A reliable and intuitive payment gateway

When your customers want to make a payment, it needs to be hassle-free, straightforward, and secure. As an e-commerce site, investing in a reliable and intuitive product gateway service will ensure payment authorisations are completed quickly and connectivity between credit card processing networks or online banking providers is seamless. When customers want to make a purchase, it’s important that their transactions are approved quickly; a staggered or disjointed approach to payment processing can leave the customer feeling uneasy and frustrated, reducing the probability that they’ll return to your site in the future. A smart, intuitive payment gateway processor ensures every customer has a positive payment experience.

A user-friendly interface

Frustrating pop-ups, fiddly menus, and slow site speeds, when most of us stumble onto sites like these, we don’t stick around for long! Applying the same logic to your own e-commerce site means that new shoppers and return customers are more likely to explore your site and return again and again. Of course, your website should be attractive, but most shoppers want a simple, trouble-free experience. Consider user-friendly additions such as auto-complete functions for your search box, strong visual navigation with images, pre-population options on forms and optimising your site speed for a quick and efficient shopping experience.

Mobile-friendly capabilities

Again, a user-friendly site is an e-commerce essential. You should also ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. Not just because most of us use our mobile devices these days, but because of the convenience. You need to be able to appeal to shoppers at any time, whether they’re commuting to work on public transport, relaxing at home, or feeding the baby at 3am. A mobile-friendly site ensures easy, seamless navigation and convenience!  


The more transparent you are as a business, the more trustworthy you will be – an important factor when choosing a new business to purchase from. By sharing customer reviews you’re not only sharing the positives of selecting your business, but you also have the opportunity to highlight how you handle negative reviews and resolve issues with customers whose standards weren’t met. Don’t be too afraid of the occasional negative review – they add another layer of ingenuousness to your positive reviews and makes your business much more human.

Special Offers

Whether it’s a discount code or a special offer on shipping, everyone loves a bargain! Deciding what to offer to your customers is subjective to your bottom line, however, it’s worth remembering that when clients feel that they’re getting a good deal, they’re not just more likely to buy, but also more likely to buy more. Ensure your latest special offer has pride of place on the banner of every page.

Final thoughts…

Consider the points above to get your e-commerce site off the ground!

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