A Little-Known Way to Break Free of the Blues

You’re beautiful, but you just don’t feel it. Your life is going well, but you imagine things are falling apart at the seams like a cheap dress.

Although things appear increasingly better this year, you feel worn out, jaded by all the stressors of 2020, a difficult year. You’ve tried to figure things out—reading self-help books, talking to a therapist, and sharing with your loved ones—but you can’t seem to shake off this sense of futility, this inexplicable funk.

While there are plenty of good things to say about changing from the inside-out, if that’s not working for you, try something else: try changing from the outside-in. Here are some suggestions on how to use this approach to break free of the blues.

Look and Feel Beautiful

You’ll be amazed at how a facial can transform your appearance. Once you relax the tension in the fine muscles of your face with a massage and use steam, extraction, creams, and lotions to improve your skin, you will positively glow. In fact, you won’t be able to look in a mirror without smiling back at yourself, and you’ll also notice furtive admiring glances from the corner of your eye when you’re in public. Use an online directory in your city to get the best facials; so, for instance, if you live in Atlanta, don’t use Google, but a specialized service directory to do a search for facials in Atlanta.

After your facial, invest in a few beauty products that make a significant difference. Vitamin C serum, for example, will protect against skin damage. It also repairs a variety of skin issues, such as an uneven tone, dry spots, sagging skin, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and photoaging.

Get Fit and Fabulous

Do you need to gain or lose weight? Do you need to lose flab and tone up your muscle? Do you look great but still need more energy, strength, and endurance?

The solution to all these common health and fitness issues is diet and exercise.

Rather than following a popular diet, it might be more beneficial to create a healthy eating plan. Talk to a nutritionist to find out the best foods or spend some time researching nutrition.

After you’ve figured out the best eating plan, then turn your attention to how to exercise. You can join a gym or a yoga class to get your mojo back and start exercising regularly.

Make and Manage Your Money

Now that you’ve spent some time on self-care, and mastered the forgotten arts of dieting and exercising, it’s time to review good financial habits that will gradually improve your net worth.

Some ways to revamp your finances include restructuring your debt to stop worrying about your financial security, creating a budget to control your spending, contributing more to your retirement account, tucking away your savings in a high-interest account, and creating a side hustle to earn extra money.

The Outside-In Approach

Once you make these simple changes, you will feel more confident and do more of the things that the confident version of you would do. You’ll not only look fantastic, but you’ll also be healthier and more energetic than before. And, since you’re taking better care of your finances, you’ll be feeling more secure.

Changing how you look and feel and behave will change how you think about everything. It’s difficult to feel miserable when you look fabulous all the time. When you spend some focused time on self-care, then you’ll feel good enough about yourself and where you are in life to notice the beauty of the world around you.

When you’re feeling blue, introspection isn’t the only way to get out of it. Sometimes changing things within your control, like your appearance, health and fitness, and financial well-being can flip on your optimism.

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