6 Tips for Destroying Debt

An unlucky period, unforeseen expense, or simple recklessness can all lead to debt. If you don’t keep on top of it, debt can end up spiralling due to additional fees and interest. If you want to live a debt-free life, your first step needs to be to change your current spending and saving habits. Each person is different, so your amount of debt and available finances will not be the same as another individual. Creditfix can help you to understand the options available to you if you go to their website.

Cheaper Housing

If you are currently renting, it might be worthwhile looking at how much you are paying each month. You then have a few options. You might be able to negotiate a lower rent with your landlord. This may work if you are a long-term renter and always pay on time. Otherwise, you also have the option of seeking alternate accommodation. You could find a cheaper property that meets your needs, meaning you will have extra finances available to pay off debt.

List Your Debts

Collate each debt you have. Write down what it is for, and how much it is. From here, you will be able to form a plan of attack. Typically, people find success when they start with the smallest debt. This snowball method means you can take out your cheapest debt and have one less to think about.


By figuring out the difference between your income and essential expenses, you will be able to see just how much you could pay off each month. You can also see where any wasted money is going. Following a budget, even after you are debt-free, is a great way to ensure you never owe money, and are able to comfortably live within your means.

More than Minimum

Typically, companies will tell you the minimum they expect you to pay each month. Paying this minimum will mean that your debts will hang around for longer. By paying off as much as you can, you will quash this timeline and bring yourself to freedom faster.

Ditch Credit Cards

Cutting up or freezing your credit cards is a great way to ensure that you won’t keep using them. It can be easy to fall into a habit of making payments on them, but then re-spending that money. By taking them out of action, you will be forcing yourself to live within your means.

Sell Your Items

You don’t have to sell everything right down to the clothes off your back and the kitchen sink, but any unwanted items, or clothes you no longer wear, can help you one last time. Whether you set up a garage sale or make the most of selling websites is up to you.

If you work at it, you can beat back your debt until it is simply an unpleasant memory. Altering the way you interact with money can ensure you do not end up in that situation again.

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