5 Tips for Choosing Your Teen’s First Car

While your child may want a really nice car, and who can blame them, when it comes to first-time drivers, there’s a lot to consider. While some of their friends might have first cars that are sporty and expensive, you might not be able to afford that and you honestly shouldn’t. Teen drivers aren’t mature enough and certainly haven’t been driving long enough to handle that type of power, and the associated insurance costs will drain your bank account. In this blog, you can find a few tips for choosing the right car for your newly licensed teen.

Explain Car Ownership First and Foremost

Before you even consider purchasing a car for your teenager, you should sit them down and explain car ownership. Explain that they are the ones responsible for the insurance payments, the car payments, and the maintenance of the car because it’s their car.

As a matter of fact, you could check into installment loans in New Mexico or other states for that matter, use the loan to put a down payment on your teen’s car, then have them pay the payments. This teaches your teen that a car is a major responsibility before they ever start driving it.

Put Safety First

Safety is important, not only in what you teach your teen about driving but also in the car you buy them. Getting a safe car is essential, as teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are four times more likely to have or cause a car accident. While you might think that the bigger the car, the safer it will be, there are a few other things you should consider as well. You’ll want to consider the safety features the car offers and the crash test results to ensure it’s indeed a safe enough car to have your teen driving.

Educate Your Teen

Whether it’s taking a driver’s ed course or watching videos, you need to educate your teen on the driving laws applicable to them and the dangers of the road. It’s important to remember that though you have chosen a safe car, a car is only as safe, or as dangerous, as the person behind the wheel. Make sure that you lay down ground rules about having passengers, drinking and driving, and cell phone use. The more your teen knows about the dangers, the safer they will be. The safety of your teen and others on the road with them should be your number one priority.

Opt for Teen Features in the Car You Choose

There are many car safety features that are geared towards teenagers and you might want to consider them for your first-time driver. There are features that let parents know if the car has been driven outside of the boundaries they have set and having a GPS system installed is a good idea as well. There are many features that companies are putting out now that will help you keep track of your first-time driver and help keep them safe at the same time.

Choose New or Used

New and used cars have pros and cons. If you choose a new one, then the insurance and the payments may be a problem. Used cars have pros and cons as well, especially since you never know if you’re going to be inheriting someone else’s problems. You want to do careful research to ensure that the car you buy your teen is safe and won’t break down on them at the worst moment.

These are just a few tips for helping you keep your first-time driver safe and making sure the car they drive is safe as well. While sports cars are great, they might not be so great or safe for someone who just got their license, but the choice is yours.

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