5 Easy Tips for Simplifying a Home Budget

tax breaks for 2016Preparing a home budget can be an uphill task especially if you haven’t done it before. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that most people avoid developing a budget. But it could also be because they do not really know what budgeting means and therefore they cannot develop one efficiently. The truth is, making a budget is not about using complex formulas or tedious calculations. Like other things in life, budgeting becomes easy to do when you keep it simple. Here are some easy tips that you can use to simplify the budget making process in your home:

  1. Create a schedule

Making a schedule and sticking to it can really simplify your work when it comes to creating a budget for your home. For instance, you can opt to make a monthly schedule that includes specific dates when you make certain payments. Create drafts from the checking accounts so that the bills get paid automatically. Decide how often you want to buy groceries in that month as well, one day each week or once every two weeks works best. Pick a day when your children are not around to demand for things that you have not included in the budget. Knowing to you expect and at what point you expect it can rid you of much stress.

  1. Allocate some cash for miscellaneous expenses

Include a small amount to cater for unexpected expenses in your budget. This helps ensure that in case of eventualities like a birthday invitation or an invitation to give a baby-shower gift, you will not be forced to use cash allocated for grocery or other items required in the home. Be sure to track your miscellaneous public storage Portland expenses on a frequent basis so you know when you have exhausted or are almost exhausting them. With time, you may want to consider making this budget item permanent on you budget.

  1. Involve family members

If you have other people living with you like a spouse, involve them when you making the budget. Things can get problematic if one person is doing the planning and all the other person is doing is spending. It helps to have a sitting each month to discuss the budget. Find a way to make this interesting. For instance, you could have some favorite snacks and drinks to keep the discussion focused. Most important is that you all read from the same page, this will certainly make your money and life easier to manage.

  1. Track your expenses

Find an easy way to track your expenses and be intentional in allocating some time each day to do so. Rather than stacking your receipts, world news tools like EveryDollar Plus to help you stream your transactions from the bank instead of keeping a bunch of receipts.

  1. Avoid using credit cards

Opt for debit cards rather than credit cards. Since debit cards come direct from your account, you will not incur a 15% interest. When you do away with credit cards, you will not attract additional bills that add to your budget. Most importantly, you will not live worried about high interest rates and fees.

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