4 Simple Tips to Eat Paleo on a Budget

how to save money eating paleo

how to save money eating paleoHave you heard of the paleo diet?

It’s a growing food trend in which people commit to eating a diet of meat, fruits, and vegetables… and that’s it!

No dairy, grains, or processed foods or oils.

While the transition can be hard, the damage to your grocery bill can be even harder. A diet loaded with meat and vegetables sounds expensive, right? And it sounds impossible to save money on groceries with a paleo diet.

All those delicious, nutritious meals could add up, but they do not have to. There are many ways of avoiding draining your budget in order to eat Paleo (or to just add more fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables for your diet!).

Here are three tips for eating Paleo wthout blowing your budget.

Keep an eye out for sales

While you’re always on the lookout for sales, eating paleo should encourage you to bring your game to a whole new level. Grocery stores frequently offer sales on meats and vegetables. When it comes to finding decently priced, high-quality meats, look around to see who is offering the best deals. Track those sales and stock up (sticking extras in your freezer) so that you an purchase the right items at the right time. In addition to grocery stores, investigate local farms and see what sorts of seasonal deals they offer.

Buy fresh for health and savings

Processed meats and meals have a deceptively low price tag because of the long-term health costs that accompany them. Instead, purchase fresh ingredients at a lower cost and cook them at home yourself. In addition to helping your grocery bill, this will allow you to ensure that your meals are paleo and that they do not contain any unexpected ingredients.

Buy in bulk for long-term discounts

Finally, higher grocery costs correspond to serving-sized items. Instead of falling for that trap, buy in bulk. Check with local farms and butchers to see of deals they offer for large purchases. This might mean seriously large order. Like, buy an extra fridge, large. But this could end up saving you big bucks in the long run.

Cook at home

Another benefit of diets like paleo and Whole 30 being so popular is that the Internet has exploded with recipe ideas and practice grocery lists. Make full use of these resources by planning your meals and your cooking time each week. This will help you make sure there’s enough food in the house (thereby preventing you from a last-minute dinner out) and help you stretch your dollar through the week.

Don’t let the potential price tag of a paleo diet scare you away from adopting it as your food plan. The health benefits and the benefits to the environment make the diet a great way to plan your meals. These tips will help you balance nutrition and price, leaving you healthier and wealthier than you were before.

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