3 Bulletproof Ways to Earn Money

Everyone has their own strategy for raking in cash. But like home remedies from a crazy grandmother, few seem compatible with common sense.

Some go to the horse races and try a “new system I’ve perfected”. Some hit the stock market and gamble more riskily than the horse racers. And some will simply spend, spend and spend some more – after all, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate.

But speculating into the void is about as wise as throwing your money into a bonfire in the hope it will rise phoenix-like from the ashes and multiply. We’re all so intent on making our millions that we bypass the most sensible answers in favour of strategies that seem crazy.

With that in mind, we’ve been considering some of the paths less travelled – but ARE common sense ways to make some dough.

Get qualified – all the time

Did you rock out of college with your degree held hopefully in your hands, only to find employers about as appreciative of it as a dead fly on their desk?

It’s the reaction you can expect from most employers who can’t envision the transferable skills you can bring from your degree into the workplace.

Whether or not this is a poverty of imagination on their part, it means you’ll have to get other qualifications if you want a job that’ll help you rake in the cash.

An online degree could be the remedy to your woes. Available for anyone looking to balance their work and studying life, you’ll end up with a bona fide qualification – and piqued ears from any prospective employers.

Hear it through the grapevine

Very few loners make cash. Pioneers, sure. Mavericks, invariably. But those people who doss around without the inspiration of company will flounder quicker than a fish flapping around on dry land.

Even if you’re intent on making cash on your own terms, there’s something to be said for finding a group of people who can support you, whisper opportunities in your ear or advise you on the next step for your cash-accumulating adventures.

Head to regular networking events (maybe use a site like Meetup.com) and make friends with people in your field. Who knows what you’ll gain from their entrepreneurial ramblings.

Credit card SNAP!

Credit cards are like McDonald’s burgers, Jeremy Clarkson and Ameica’s Got Talent – you know that what you’re doing is bad for you, but still the temptation drags you in.

The easy fix? Chop all your cards in half and never use them again.

Naturally, if you’ve already racked up plenty of credit card debt, you’ll have to find a swift way out of your pit.

Take out a loan and use it to pay off those debts. The interest rate on a standard loan will be lower than your hyper-inflated credit card, so the shift in outgoings could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


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